Saturday, December 20, 2008

More great stuff for our giveaway!

More awesome giveaways for my Howling Howliday Giveaway are coming in the mail!

One of the fun ones are these cool t-shirts! They may be a little big for me, but I'm still looking cool, don't ya think?

And Petside is also donating some awesome pet tags to go along with the shirts, how cool is that?

One of my favorite online stores (they have a brick and mortar store in the Chicago area, too) for small dogs is!

And they have donated a $25 gift certificate to one lucky winner! They have all kinds of stuff for small dogs - collars, leashes, clothing, toys, and much more. And 10% of Golly Gear profits go straight to small dog rescue organizations. Be sure and check 'em out K?

Another one of my absolute favorite places to shop online - Clean Run - is donating three $10 gift certificates, one for each of the 1st through 3rd place winners.

Clean Run has all kinds of great dog gear - from training and motivational toys and treats, to agility gear for dogs and handlers, performance dog clothing, books, dvds, collars and leashes, and much, much more. They even have those super cool Nina Ottosson intelligent dog toys I've been talking about lately.

Super thanks to all these and all the companies that are contributing to my giveaway. We're well over 100,00 votes so far!

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