Sunday, December 14, 2008

Not again?

Well, here I am all bundled up.

Seems I may be injured, again.

Mum, Gracie and I headed off to the USDAA trial yesterday morning early. I was a-ok before we got there. I was a-ok when Mum got me out of the car to potty and headed inside the training center to load up in my crate to wait my first run.

Gracie and Mum ran their jumpers course (Gracie was over the top by the time it was her turn to run. She ran off but came back to Mum every single time - all 5 of them :)

Then it was time for me to run my Snooker course. Mum had a great plan, was excited to run me, we loved the course and she had a plan for three sevens. Good potential for a SQ.

She got me out of my crate and found I was shaking like a leaf, uncontrollably. She stretched me some, but I didn't want to be stretched. She tried trotting me a little to warm me up, massaged me a little and then tried to see if I would stretch out my back legs. I was having none of it. I wouldn't beg to exercise my core, I wouldn't jump up on her to stretch my body out. Nothing.

The gate steward told Mum it was about time for our run. So Mum took me near the gate, I stretched up on her and did my down, and seemed anxious to run. So she thought maybe I was warmed up enough. She took me to the line and I wouldn't go fully down. She had me go over one jump and I sniffed something on the ground before, so she pulled me from the run. Wasn't having any part of it.

Something, who knows what, happened from the car to the crate.

So we headed home to try and figure out what was going on. She rubbed me, iced and heated and iced me again, gave me some stomach and pain pills. When I started relaxing, my back iliopsoas area muscle started twitching heavily. So we're pretty sure I pulled something - not positive till I get checked out, but pretty sure.

It was a long, painful night. Mum rubbed me on and off all night between short naps. Now I'm resting, got another Traumeel pill this morning with breakfast.

Mum emailed my soft tissue specialist to see when she may be able to see me, and she's calling my vet first thing Monday for a check out and chiro adjustment. She's just keeping me warm, icing and heating and icing me up, and massaging me and stretching me as much as I'll let her.

Needless to say we are pretty bummed. The potential of yet another annual injury made Mum loose all her food last night. Gracie was scheduled to run today, but we didn't go to the trial. Mum is certain it would make me worse even to go and wait for Gracie to run; and she can't leave me at home - she has to keep an eye on me today.

So, there it is....dang it!


  1. oh no... I'm so sorry! that is super stinky!

  2. Hey Johann, mom and I were wondering why you weren't at the trial today--we're super bummed to hear about your injury. Fingers and paws crossed for a speedy recovery!

  3. Oh Johann, you poor poor thing! Your leg must hurt so much, You need some cage rest. Faith has pulled a muscle too but in her front leg. Hope it gets better soon...

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Oh Johann, so sorry to hear that you may have an injury!!! Tell you mum to try to take it easy and see what the vet has to say on Monday and to try not to panic or think things are worse than they might be. Can't know for sure right now. Sounds like she's doing everything she can to make you feel better, Johann! Just rest today and maybe you'll feel better in no time. We'll keep our paws and fingers crossed!!!

  5. Aw, I'm sorry, get better soon Johann..then you can get back to competitions!

  6. Really sorry to hear this. Your Mum's on the case even if she doesn't feel like right now, and she's doing everything she can. Get well soon. xxGus n Jake

  7. Really sorry to hear this. Your Mum's on the case even if she doesn't feel like right now, and she's doing everything she can. Get well soon. xxGus n Jake

  8. Very sorry to hear that. We wondered where you were today.

  9. Thanks everyone! Still not feeling that great tonight, but I did a down for a treat :) And I wagged my tail...then went right back to bed.

    We have an appointment with my soft tissue specialist tomorrow PM, and hope to get in to see my vet tomorrow too. We'll keep you posted.

    We were sad to miss our friends at the trial today - thank you Kathy and Ginger (Heloise too :)

    And yes, Ricky, I will make sure Mum keeps her food down tonight :)

    We sure appreciate all your good thoughts and wishes. We're just hoping it's not another long road back like earlier this year was...

  10. OH JoJo!! I hope you guys figure out what's happened today and get on the road to recovery!!!

    Sending you good vibes today buddy!!



  11. Good luck at the specialist. Soft tissue injuries are so hard to deal with, hope it's nothing serious.

  12. Oh, that stinks! I hope you feel better soon, Johann!
    I have to go to the vet this afternoon too. Mom found some yucky spots inside my mouth.


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