Friday, December 05, 2008

The official 2008 holiday photo!

It snowed a little this past week, so Mum, Gracie and I headed out to the backyard for a little photo shoot. Here are the results - our official 2008 holiday photo!

Be sure and click on the photo for the largest view of my handsome self, and check out the collar I'm wearing! This really cool red and black collar was given to me by Samantha Lorastein who makes handmade organic dog collars (did I tell ya, I love organic?) and other cool vintage human stuff, like necklaces, earrings, pins and more. Be sure and visit her Etsy shop for some really neat items. Great holiday gift giving ideas!


  1. w00f's, Me agrees, i loves ur christmas picksur!!!

    b safe,

  2. It's a serious business, getting your picture taken. ;-) Good shot! I've got to finish - er, start - my little craft project before we can even take the holiday pic. Time marches on ... Gus n Jake

  3. Wonderful holiday photo!!!




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