Friday, December 12, 2008

Photo holiday cards!

Mum and I like to do a video for our holiday card. Hint, hint - there's something coming!

But we know lots of folks and our readers like to send cards in the mail. We found a site today that's pretty cool - photo cards you can create and order online, easily and quickly.

Christmas Cards Direct has over 200 holiday cards on their site, including Digital Photo Cards. They have lots of styles And to check them out (although there's not a lot of time left for that) you can get free samples sent to you.

But there is time to order your cards! You can choose from a wide variety of greetings, your printing color and how you'd like your card personalized; and of course include your favorite photo!

With the photo cards, all you do is upload your pic, and you can choose to have the photo fill the entire front of your cards or you can choose from the many borders to frame your pic.

Like I said, there's still time to order. Their site says it takes about 5 working days to receive your shipment. So if you have your list all ready, you can still send your family and friends a very special holiday card!

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