Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The prizes are out the door!

Mum spent the day today and yesterday getting all the prizes out to the winners of my Howling Howliday Giveaway. We think they are gonna like 'em!

We had to stay in our crates and wait for Mum to finish packing up the boxes, 'cause all the toy and treats and foods were just too tempting, and we were getting in the way. Heck even my kittie bros wanted in on the act, darn cats!

One surprise - when we opened up Rachael Ray's Nutrish gift, we found a super cool notepad and picture frame in the holiday stocking, along with her treats and other goodies. Don't have a clue how we missed it the first time, but we had a lot of stuff coming to the house. Merlin is going to like it!

So once all the goodies were out the door, Mum headed out to the post office. Dogs aren't allowed in our post office, otherwise I woulda been there to put my paw seal of approval! Hope all the winners enjoy their prizes and thanks again to all the great sponsors. It was a super fun contest and hope we get to do it again, and again, and...

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