Saturday, December 27, 2008

We had a great Christmas!

We had a great Christmas Day - hope you did too!

Mum, Gracie, Wolfie and Wiggy and I didn't open presents right away when we got up. I was all ready with my holiday bandanna, and I was getting pretty impatient.

Finally it was time! Mum gave Wolfie and Wiggy their presents first. They got a really cool cat scratcher with some catnip, and a couple of interactive toys. Gracie and I had to wait outside and give them some space to enjoy their presents for a little while.

These things took just a little too much time for them to enjoy, delaying the opening of my presents, humpf...

Then it was dog's turn, finally!

Mum gave us our bags and we went at 'em. I found a super cool little dinosaur stuffie and some other stuffies and treats in my bag - Zukes and Dr. Harvey's green tripe (my fav). Gracie found a couple of Planet Dog rubber toys and a couple of stuffies and treats in her bag (Lakse Kronch, her fav). Although yesterday Gracie enjoyed the wrapping bag much more than the toys. Sadly we aren't sure what happened to the video of Gracie destroying her bag of presents.

After we mauled all the toys and wrapping bags, Mum opened up some of the treats for us - but like usual we had to work for them.

Here we are with all of our loot!

After a nice chicken dinner with marrow bone dessert - Gracie and I headed outside. It was a pretty nice and sunny day and we got to enjoy it, but the kitties weren't very happy we got to be in the great outdoors. They sat at the window and meowed up a storm!

Later in the afternoon, Mum started getting really sick - we think she has the flu. But yesterday was her worst day and she's already starting to feel better, although she's still running a fever. And all that coughing is keeping me awake at night!

It's getting warmer, so Mum thinks Gracie and I need a bath, it's been a while. Kind of a long while :) We have our new cleanser, now all we need are those super cool Grohe faucet attachments for our tub and we'll be good to go! Can't wait for those after bath zoomies - and I'm healthy enough to take it, yeah!

We had a super nice quiet Christmas. Having some friends over this weekend, and then a few quick trips to make to some friends, as well. Then Sunday we are resting up for the big New Year's. There's an agility party the night of Dec 30th at the training center!

Hope you all had a pawsome holiday!


  1. Looks like you really got spoiled. But then you have been really good doggies all year! Glad you had such a pawsome time, and hope Mum is feeling better!

  2. Johann - we were really sorry to hear that your mum is sick! Hope she's feeling better soon! Wow - you and Gracie got lots of presents - love the photo with you two in your bandanas!

  3. Glad you all had a nice time! I enjoyed the cat video - that scratchy smelly thing looked good. But I did think maybe I heard you guys politely barking, just a little, to let your mum know it was your turn.

    Those faucets look really good!

  4. The cats look like they were enjoying their nip! And look at the haul you and Gracie made! You look so adorable in your bandanas! So sorry your mom is sick. We hope she gets well really quick so she can enjoy the start of the new year!

  5. Ooo, looks like the cats loved it. Your pressies are just as wonderful! We got a bath today. Actually, we wouldn't have gotten it if we didn't jump into the lake today but oh well, couldn't help it. Haha! Tell your Mom you don't need a bath coz dogs are supposed to smell like DOGS. Hope your Mom gets better real soon.

    POOPED out,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  6. You guys look really good I'm glad you had Yappy Howlidays!

  7. Hi Johann and Gracie - glad you had a nice Christmas. I gotta get my cats one of those scratchers!


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