Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lifeus interveneus!

The past week and a half has just seemed to fly by. But a lot has happened.

Just as I was getting pumped and into my rehab routine of treadmill, ball work and more, to build myself back up for agility, something happened to my toe.

Mum thinks I got something in it and it swelled up to the size of a dime (that's big on little 'ole me). Here's a pic after a lot of the swelling went down. (You can click on it to see it enlarged - no pun intended :)

Of course these things always happen on the weekend, right? So Mum soaked my toe in Epsom Salts and Peroxide several times a day. And I had to wear a stupid bootie when I went outside. (See the booties in my pic, yuck!) By Monday morning, it was looking a whole lot better. But just didn't seem to be progressing.

I needed a chiro adjustment anyway, so off to see Auntie Bonnie (our vet) we went last night. Got a nice chiro adjustment, and Auntie said my toe would be just fine (there wasn't any foreign body in it) and I could do anything after today. Woot!!!!

So again, I'm healthy and get to resume my rehab and training.

Last week Mum wanted to see how I was progressing in my rehab. And I was super fired up to try - so we did some weaves in the backyard - with snow on the ground. That was super cool! If you've never done snow weaves, it's a blast! And the best part is that I was super fast going through them - got my soccer ball as a throw reward - my fav!

Mum's been working away. And we got the main site - - all decked out for Valentine's Day. I love my Mum, did I tell you that? If you get a chance go there and check out the mosaic that Mum made of all the pics she took of Gracie and I (and there are a few of Wolfie and Wiggy too) last year.

Gracie has been really enjoying her Babble Ball. A few of our Twitter buds and readers suggested that we put a sock on it, literally, BOL! And Gracie really liked that - gave her something to grab and bite at. So here's Gracie vs Babble Ball - Round 2.

We did a slight (for now) revamp on the look of our Raise A Green Dog blog - which is now sporting a cute little guy as our Green Dog Mascot. We decided, after several suggestions from readers and Twitter-ers to call him either Eco or Cycle. Which name do you like the best? Leave me a comment and help me name this little guy.

Mum is planning on creating t-shirts and sweatshirts with the Raise A Green Dog logo and our little mascot guy - so we can give 10% of the profits to dog rescues and shelters. Should be fun!

And BTW - I was pretty proud of Mum, she drew that little guy - and she has absolutely no drawing talent. She had a little help from some pictures of various doggies that provided some modeling, of sorts.

Speaking of talent, BOL! If you didn't know, Mum used to play the flute; and she was pretty good. Her plan out of college was to be a professional flutest and flute teacher. But it never worked out. And now that we have other hobbies, (well, one anyway :) she hasn't played her flute or her piccolo in years. (I'm glad too, 'cause that thing makes me howl!).

So she sold both of them the other day. And got a great price for them. She was sad to see them go, but super happy that they now have a cherished home, where they will be loved as much as Mum loved them for the past - OK, I'm gonna say it - 30 years.

As far as agility goes, we're just not sure where we are right now. I need to build up more muscle mass, Mum needs to build up our agility fund, and I really need concentrate on retraining of my running dog walk. So for now, we're not going to practice, and we're not planning on entering any trials for the forseeable future - unless some things progress more rapidly than expected.

It's kind of sad - we don't do well when we're not practicing or trialing agility. And Mum tends to gain a few lbs when we're not running (she promised me that she will try to keep 'em to a minimum this time, and won't look into those weight loss pills.)

As they sometimes say - lifeus interveneus.

So instead, Mum is trying her doggonest to keep us happy, healthy and active. We're doing as much treadmill and ball work as possible; and learning new and different tricks everyday. We're getting outside to do what agility we can in the backyard when the weather is decent. And she's been pretty good about finding fun games for us to play. Here's a vid of the Muffin Tin game that we've been playing lately - check it out, we're sure you'll like it.

Better get back to work - hope you all are having a super great New Year. And we apologize for not getting around to visit. When it's just Mum making the bucks - and the four of us four leggers to take care of - time kinda gets away from you. But we miss you, that I can surely say!!!!!!


  1. Love the new green dog...I like the name Eco!

    Hope your toe is feeling better soon!!

    Winter sucks..I barely like to be out in the cold and snow!



  2. Johann, I have really been wondering where you were! Guess you guys have been busy. Gruesome looking toe - good thing it's nothing serious! Love your mum's new Green Dog mascot - he's really cute. I like Eco best for names.

    So your mum finally sold her flutes - I know she has been wanting to do that for a long time - it's kind of sad but good to know she got a great price for them. Maybe she can put the money in your agility fund!

    Take care and say hi to your mum and Gracie for me!

  3. I like "Eco"; "cycle" sounds like a bicycling dog. And it's a great little drawing; I looked at it and your Johann head and I wondered whether you were getting a pro artist to come up with these customized drawings, before I saw your explanation. So apparently you have more talent than you give yourself credit for. I'm really going to have to get that babble ball. Tika had a weasel that she loved to play with, but the noise box died. She still tries desperately to get it to make its weasely noise. When that noise comes up on that video of yours, you should see her leap to her feet, ears pointed straight at the sky. I like the sock idea, as she likes her toys soft.

  4. Well, Eco it will be, thanks to Jen at SewCrazyDogLady for the great suggestion :)

    I can take credit for the Green Dog - but all the credit for the Little Johann (that's what we call him on goes to our great friend, Simba's Mom (Melissa) at - now we're talking talent folks! Her artwork is amazing!!!!!


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