Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We got in more snow fun yesterday!

It snowed most of the day yesterday, and all night last night. So far we have about 10" on the ground. Mum had to shovel out a path for me to my potty area, 'cause I got stuck! Pics coming later today :)

Yesterday morning, before the snow got too deep, Mum and I got in a little fetch time with my favorite ball!

I love it when Mum growls at me, gets me all riled up! But throw it already, will ya Mum!

Then yesterday afternoon, it really started coming down. So before it got way too cold, we went out and had some fun. Here are a couple of pics!

We've been keeping busy. Mum's working away. She's got a big project, doing a website for one of her pet business clients. You should hear her! She gets so excited designing it and coding it - she's so goofy! She wanted me to tell ya, that if you know anyone that needs a little website, maybe for their pet business, or side business or something, that she'd love to do it for them! She's having a great time. And she's really liking the way it looks and functions.

Since we haven't been going to agility practice or trialing, we've been doing lots of tricks, and games, and fun things. One of our favorites is 'find target.' Mum hides the target in another room while we sit and wait. She puts a little kibble on it, then sends us in to find it. The other day she hid the target behind a pillow on the couch and Gracie and I both found it (separately, of course). Every time she makes it harder and harder for us to find.

It's a super fun game, and Mum thinks since she and I have been playing that game for a pretty long while, it may have been why I was able to track my kittie bro, Wiggy, that one day when he jumped fence and got lost. Maybe????

Gracie's been learning 'shy' and Mum is in the process of teaching me to wrap myself up in a blanket. It's progressing - so far I'm pulling the towel up about 6 or so inches and starting to turn on my side. Since I already know rollover, we're hoping it's just a matter of time. Mum broke down every step to teach me, it's fun!

Hope all of you guys are having fun, some in the snow and some in the summer weather! Again, we're sorry for not being able to visit much at all, Mum is working super hard to keep the kibble in our bowls :)


  1. Looks like you had fun in the snow before it got too deep, Johann! We got lots of ice and then snow....I think it's fun but mom is ready for some spring weather!

  2. PS. Mom was thinking about buying me some boots from SitStay and she was going to go to their site using your link over there on the left side of your blog - but the link doesn't seem to be working.......

  3. I was growling with you while you were playing, you act like me - play awhile, then stop and look around to see if something might need herded! You never know..
    your pal Morgan


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