Sunday, January 25, 2009

Wiggle-Waggle - It's the Dog Pyramid Toy!

What's new Clean Run just got in a new Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy. And you know how much I love those Ottosson toys!

The Dog Pyramid, one of Nina Ottosson's collection of interactive dog toys, is perfect for occupying and stimulating dogs. Simply place treats or kibble in the hole near the top of the toy and then watch as the dog enjoys the challenge of getting the treats out by moving and knocking the toy around.

So how is the Dog Pyramid different from the myriad of other food-dispensing toys available today? Made of durable non-toxic plastic, the Dog Pyramid is shaped like a beehive and has a weighted bottom. And it's the weighted bottom that makes this toy unique. No matter how enthusiastic the game, every time the dog pushes the Pyramid over, it rights itself again. Dishwasher safe, top rack.

Here you can see it in action!

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