Sunday, February 08, 2009

Johann's Toofer Challenge Update!

Well, we've been having lots of fun with my Toofer Challenge in recognition of February as National Pet Dental Health Month.

Good job everypup and pawrent!

It's never too late to join in the challenge, just like it's never too late to start brushing regularly. So if you'd like to join in, leave a comment here!

And to all the challenge pawticipants - be sure and send me those brushing pics, K? We'll be sure and feature them!

Look at all the doggies who have jumped on the challenge train, and are brushing, brushing away! We've got:


And Amber-Mae sent in one of her Toofer Challenge pics! Check this out!

And KendraAnn at A Groomer's World joined the challenge to brush all her client toofers during the month of February - now that's a lot of clean teeth!

Mum's been brushing our toofer everyday, and we're loving it! No pics of us since it takes Mum's two hand to brush our teeth. But maybe if we get lucky, Mum will do a vid!

Happy Brushing!!!!

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