Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I had a very fun Sunday. One of my Twitter buds, Coryelle, talked to me, yep, that's right she talked to me, and she talked to Gracie, and Wolfie and Wiggy, too!

Coryelle is an animal communicator and has been helping animals and their humans relate since 2001. Coryelle also practices TTouch™ and is certified in both Bach Flower Therapy and Reiki I and II. In the past, Coryelle has worked as a VetTech in New York City, and has been communicating with animals since she was just a wee pup herself.

So when she asked last week if she could talk with me, I said yes, because you know what? Sometimes, I have something to say, and I'm an open minded kinda guy!

Whether you are a believer or not, animal communication is interesting stuff, I think. I have two other friends here locally that I've talked to over my short years. Either they are some darn good guessers or there really is something to this communication stuff, because many times they have 'hit the nail on the head' so to speak.

I didn't post about this last year, but one of my animal communicator friends was nearby when we were at a trial. In passing I told her, 'could you please tell my Mum to stop talking so much to me on the agility course?' So my friend told Mum. Mum looked at me and looked back at her and said 'so ask him, how in the heck am I supposed to get him to go faster then?' Well, my friend didn't really want to ask me that, but with Mum's insistence she did (Mum knows me pretty well and with our relationship, she thought it was a very fair question).

So my friend asked me, 'so how is she supposed to get you to go faster on the course, if she doesn't talk to you out there?' My response? "I didn't know she wanted me to go faster."

Ok, you're probably laughing right now. Me too, Mum too :) Mum thought it was a pretty fun and an interesting exchange. And you know what? After that, she cut the chatter on the course, and I got faster.

So when the opportunity came up for me to talk with Coryelle on Sunday morning, one of the questions Mum was just dying to ask me is, 'does he know to run the course fast now?' Yep, she asked it. And my response through Coryelle? (This is what Coryelle, told my Mum)

"I sat down, looked at Coryelle (in her mind images), tilted my head to one side, and said 'DUH!!!!' Yep, that's right I said, 'DUH!!!'

Coryelle didn't want to tell my Mum that, but I told her to tell Mum, because it will make her laugh. Poor Coryelle wasn't in on our little joke. So, she finally told Mum. And what did Mum do? She sat there and laughed, and laughed, and laughed until tears were steaming down her face! I have to admit I was laughing pretty hard myself.

So whether you believe or not, animal communication a very interesting experience. Many of the things that Coryelle communicated with me about and told my Mum were helpful, interesting, educational, fun, insightful, meaningful, and just 'spot on.'

Because of our conversation, among other things, Mum now has some tips about my health. She knows I'm still tight sometimes in my iliopsoas, but that it doesn't hurt. This info will help her know how to continue to keep me in tip top shape for agility and how to stretch.

Mum also knows now that Gracie does love agility (sometimes we question that, you know), and she even got some tips on how to keep Gracie's attention on the agility course (boy, will that come in handy if it works, wow!). Mum put some of those agility tips to work on Gracie the past couple of days and wouldn't you know, Gracie is faster in the backyard, much more focused, and she's acting like she's having way more fun doing agility than she has in months, maybe even years. Go Gracie!

One of the things that Mum has always liked about me, and I about her, is that we're open - open to new experiences, and open to new ideas. So with that...

Coryelle and I have a big surprise for you.

If you would like to ask her a question, she will answer your question privately to you via email for free! (One question per person/pup, OK?)

All you have to do is leave your question in my comments along with your email and she will 'tap' into you and respond with an answer to your question via email. And if you don't feel comfy leaving your email in a blog post, just email me your question at johann@johannthedog.com, and I will forward the email to my friend, and Coryelle will respond back to you privately.

Could be a great opportunity, so why not try it out!

Learn more about Coryelle and her practice, visit her website, and her blog, and if you're on Twitter, follow her. We like her!

All good things must come to an end :)

I've loved helping all of you experience the interesting process of animal communication, yet all good things must come to an end at some time, right? Because other good things are just waiting around the corner.

Noon (EST) on Saturday, March 21st, will be the last moment we will be accepting any questions. We've had a great response, really great questions, and hope that you've received some helpful and informative answers. I know that Coryelle will be sharing her thoughts in the comments, but I know for a fact that she has loved 'talking' with all of you.

We hope that one day we may be able to offer this again. Not sure when, not sure how or in what form, but stayed tuned, K?


Janet Roper said...

Hi Johann
Glad you got a chance to talk with CoryElle, sounds like you & your mom got some good insights and ideas.

Sometimes we humans can be resistant to new or different ideas, like animal communication. It can be very helpful to us when you pups try it out, tell us about it and then lead the way! Thanks for doing that.

Ludo van puppy said...

Wow Johann very interesting! Thanks to you and Coryelle for the opportunity.

I would like to ask what Ludo thinks about us moving here and leaving our old home and the person and pets we used to live with.

Do I need to be more specific? The email is ludovanpup@live.co.uk

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Ludo and Dee!
Thank you so much for stopping by, and for the wonderful opportunity to connect with Ludo. I have sent you Ludo's answer Dee you should have it anytime. Thanks Ludo for talking to me because without that it would have been one short session!

Mary said...

Johann! This is VERY cool!

We would like to know who Carmela really is...was I meant to find her that night?

Email is maryjwilliams@comcast.net

Thank you!

atticfox said...

Hi Coryelle,

Thanks so much for taking the time to offer some in-depth insight. Most importantly, thank you for communicating to Shamus that this new transition into our home can open his world to a host of wonderful experiences.

All the best to you!

Kim said...

This is neat Johann!

I was wandering if Abby feels like she could ever let another dog in her home again?


Thanks :-)

Kim said...

Hi Johann, hopefully this doesn't double post since my other comment didn't show up. This is neat!

My question for Abby is...
Do you think you could ever let another dog in to our home again? And most likely it would not be where we live right now but in the new place we'll hopefully get sometime soon.

My e-mail is ambulldogpuppy@msn.com

Thank you so much!

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Mary, So gld to have the opportunity to talk with Carmela. I have sent you and email directly with the answer to your question. As always I need to thank the animal for opening up to me. Thank you Carmela what a honor it was.
All the best!

Ricky the Sheltie said...

Hi Johann! This is very interesting - we love the things that you told your mum! You two have such a great relationship!

We have open minds and would love it if I could talk to mom in a language she understands! I have lots to tell her! But it's hard to imagine that someone can connect with me when they only know me by photo and email. It's amazing that Coryelle can connect with animals like that. We would've thought she at least would need to physically be near them.

Brandy said...

Hi Coryelle! Hope you are doing well, and I love what you do, its great!

My question for Febe is why do you pick on Ivy? And how can I help you lose weight so we can have you live a long life?

Thanks and have a great day!

Brandy said...

forgot to leave my email for the Febe question. Email is brandyz28lvr@hotmail.com


Bronnie said...

How fascinating!
I would like to know if Daisy Dog is happy where she is living now, and if she knows I love her and miss her?
My email is bronnie@dizzydaisy.com

zillibean said...

Such an interesting topic. I'm always curious what mine may be thinking. Is a rather open ended question okay? I'd just like to know whatever Zillia would like me to know. If it needs to be more specific, then I'm curious if she feels healthy, or experiences any pain. My email is lachesislocked-fate@yahoo.com.

NotRegistering said...

I love to read the answers that other dogs have given.

So, I have a question for a dog who barks. Not only does she bark, she teaches other dogs to bark.

"Cora, why do you bark so much?"

Of course, there are many other questions that I would like to ask Cora, but this is the most important. I would love to know the answer!

Thank you.

Nolli said...

Love following your blog! This one was especially fun to read.

So my question is, what makes Milo so cautious?

Cheryl said...

Hi, I have a million questions, but in choosing just one, I would like you to ask Ru why he is still scared at times. Please also let him know, I will never let anyone hurt him, and he will never have to go back to where he came from.

my email is

Johann The Dog said...

Hi all - wow, we are getting a lot of comments and emails, this is pawsome! Thank you!

With all this connectivity :) I'm sure Coryelle will need to take a little time to get back with all of you. So be patient, K? I know she will want to pay special attention to each and every one of you :) Oh, and there's a significant time difference between the US and where Coryelle lives, so take that into account as well.

Also, don't forget, if you leave a comment in the blog with your Q, be sure and leave your email address, or we can't get back in touch with you! Or if you would like to keep your email more private you can email me directly!

Thank you to each and everyone one of you - I sure hope your 'talks' are helpful!

Woofs, Johann

Julie Waslo said...

I would like to know how Sam feels about Buster.



Asoenix said...

I've always been fascinated by animal communication but never gotten the chance to try it out.

I have a lot of questions for Rowan, but I think I'll go with "Are you lonely with no other dogs to play with, and, if so, would you be happier if you did have someone to play with?"

Thanks in advance! :)


Lindsie said...

This is great!

I have a TON of questions, but the one I'm most curious about is what does Jak think about all the rescues and fosters I bring home and nurse back to health? I want him to know how proud I am of him for being such a good sport.



Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

This is sooo cool!
your pal, Morgan

Erin said...
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zoe'smom said...

Thanks Johann for this blog post. And thanks, Coryelle, for your response! It is so nice to hear what our beloved pets have to say. And so great of you to share your gifts with all of us. Thank you both.

ACO461 said...

This is really interesting!

I have a question for Millie...
Since you hate being in your crate so much...if I let you out when we're gone can I trust you to not make messes?

My email: Dogcop461@yahoo.com

Thank You!

Chikadee said...

Hi there! I was wondering if this was only for animals who are still with us or if you could ask a question of a deceased pet?

If so, my question for Trakker would be "how did you really die?"

They said she had a liver problem but she was only 2 years old! I suspect foul play in her death and it would help me quite a bit to know the truth. Thanks in advace!

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Kim & Abby, So glad to have the opportunity to talk with Abby. I have sent you and your mom and email directly with the answer to your question. As always I need to thank the Abby for opening up to me, what a honor it was.
All the best!

becasquared said...

How awesome! Thank you Coryelle for the offer of communicating with our pets.

I would like to ask Cooper if he is happy with the new human babies.

My email is becasquared@yahoo.com

Susan said...

Thank you for doing this! I want to know if Diamond is ok without Bubba around and if she would like another dog in the house or if the cat is sufficient:)



Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hello to Zillia's person,
I want to thank you both so much for the opportunity to talk with Zillia. Such peaceful and strong energy. I have sent you and Zillia and email directly with the answer to your question. I hope you enjoyed yourselves, it was my extreme pleasure.
All the best

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Febe, Brandy, & Ivy
Thanks for talking with me Febe! I hope that I helped you and your mom and Ivy too. I have sent your mom an email with the answer to your question. If you had a good time then please leave a comment here or send me a testimonial to the contact form The best to you all

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Bronnie & Daisy Dog,
I have your question and Daisy has answered it and your email is being sent out. thanks so much for leaving your question. If you had a good time then please a comment here, or if you want drop me an email to the comment form on my blog www.coryellekramer.com/blog.
Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

This is a very interesting site and I'm very curious as to what my dog Chip has to say. My question to him is, is he really happy with us?

Thanks for taking the time to help us.


Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi to Everyone! I have finished with the questions from yesterday from all of you the left your email address in your comments. There are a couple that did NOT and I don't feel comfortable leaving the answers on the site without your permission SOOO do what the BIG DAWG says!! Send your questions to Johann's email so I can answer them. To all the rest, thanks for your patience and you will all hear from me shortly AND your animal friends shortly

LadyPatsFan said...

Coryelle - Thank you for offering so much of your time to help out Johann's readers.

I am wondering why Daisy starting attacking the cats and what we can do to help her stop.

You can email me at ladypatsfan2007 @ yahoo.com.

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Cheryl & Ru,
thank you both, and I have connected to Ru and have sent you his answer in a private email.


Robin French said...

Thanks for the email, very interesting!

3HappyDogs said...

Hi Johann and Coryelle,
Thank you so much for the gift of answering a question each! It is appreciated!
My question is for Mick:
"how do you feel physically and mentally after what happened Monday morning?"

Thanks so much!
Dove dove.happydogs@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi, the email said that Cora's person didn't leave an email. Odd, but so are a lot of things.

Cora's person's email is

Thank you.

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Asoenix & Rowan!
I have sent you an email with your answer. thanks for talking with me Rowan! Enjoy!

Kim said...

Thanks Johann! :-) It's good to know Abby is comfortable with that, and I will be sure to include her in the puppy-picking process.

It's interesting to me, because Abby was extra wiggly and smiley this morning at me (more than usual!). I can feel that she was happy you communicated my question with her.

Hope said...

Thank you both - Johann and Coryelle! I'd love it if you could ask Roc if he's feeling okay. Thank you!

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hello ACO461,
I have answered your question about Millie and it should be to you shortly. Thanks so much for giving me the chance to talk with her.

Bronnie said...

Thanks Johann and Coryelle. Coryelle gave me a wonderful answer from Daisy. It sounded just like her, and gave me some comfort that we did the right thing. Thanks again Coryelle for giving your time to talk to Daisy and email me the answer.

Anonymous said...

This is awsome,

I'd like to know what Satch's life was like before he came to me.Is he happy here?

Thank you so much.


Ashwini said...

Hi Coryelle,

I was wondering if you could communicate with my dog, Neepa. I would like to know if she is content and if there is anything that she needs to make her feel like she has a complete life. I am also curious about her heritage.



Anonymous said...

Hi, My question is - Why doesn't my dog like kids? And, what can I do to help him feel more relaxed around kids?

Thank you!

My email address is: Dogswearhalos@yahoo.com


Elf said...

I hope I'm not to late to join in this experience. My question to Boost is why she knocks bars? Thanks. elf(at)finchester(dot)org.

Morgan in Pittsburgh said...

johann - thanks to you and your mum. I talked to Coryelle!. Mom said when she got home from work, she knew something besides the "same old, same old" had happened to me while she was at work.
your pal, Morgan

Cheryl said...

Thanks Coryelle
I really enjoyed your email, I laughed when Ru asked you if it would taste bad :) and again when you said he was amazing and he replied back "I know" He does think pretty highly of himself, and I feel the same way about him. Thanks again, and I will be emailing you.

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

to 3happydogs, your question has been answered and you should receive your email shortly. Thanks Coryelle

Whitney said...

How cool!

I would like to know if there is anything that Nicky needs, if there is anything that I can do to make him and Maddie any happier.


Simba said...

Very cool! I've "talked" with another AMAZING communicator too! You should check out Tracy Ann - Nature's Translator. She even has her own radio show every Thursday all about animal issues! She helped me when I moved and was not adjusting to the new place. Let my human know what was really going on with me!

and with agility - I like to just GO FAST! BOL!



Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Dear Julie, I have just finished connecting with Sam and have sent your answer to your email addy.
All the best

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Asoenix & Rowen, your questions have been answered and you should receive them in no time. Happy Friday to you both

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi NotRegistering, I have connected with your friend Cora and your email is on it's way to you, with her answer. thanks so much for allowing me to get to know Cora a little bit.

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hello Lndsie & Jak, I just had a great time talking with Jak. Your answer is on it's way!

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi becasquared. You are most welcome your answer has been sent

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Dear becasquared, you are most welcome my pleasure. you answer has been sent and you should get ti shortly. all the best

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Kim, I have spoken to Roc and I have sent out your email and it should be to you in no time. Thanks to you both!

Julie Poudrier said...

I want to thank Coryelle for her insight into what happened with my dog Phoebe last week. Coryelle had next to no information to go on from me other than the question "What happened?" and Phoebe told her, which answered the questions I had about the circumstances surrounding the accident. I have often wondered about communicators, but I think I'm convinced now!

Nera's mom said...

Thank you Coryelle, for responding to my email about Nera. This makes some sense, and I'm thinking it may be related to what she went through earlier in life. It wasn't quite the organ I expected to hear about, but we were thinking there might be something else involved anyway. I'll see what I can figure out about food.

Thanks. :)

LadyPatsFan said...

Thank you so much for your response Coryelle. The problem with Daisy going after the cats started after we adopted a second dog - a puppy. We were afraid that was the catalyst, and your reading has confirmed that.

Thank you again for your time.

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Dear Julie, It was the greatest pleasure for me that I helped you and Phoebe. This is the main reason why Johann and I wanted to DO this, to help in some small way. Nothing gives us greater joy...WELL except Johann I think this and running agility are neck and neck! Right JO?
Blessing Coryelle

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

To Nera and her Mom. Nera (as you know) is a wonderful gently being and it ws so wonderful to have to chance to connect to her. As always I tell everyone talk to your Vet, share the information that I give, so that we can all work together to achieve the same thing helping Nera. All the best

Coryelle Kramer-Animal Communicator said...

Hi Everyone, I want to thank ALL of you for this time, for giving me the chance to hopefully show you what animal communication is all about. This has been a marvelous experience for me (I am sure Johann will let you know how he felt about it). Your pets, openness and willingness to be asked some really personal questions humble me.

I thank your pets and you all who put in questions from my heart.
I have some more questions to answer and they will be answered, so if I haven’t emailed you yet, hang in there, it's coming! We had an AMAZING response. No one had ever really done this before so, we all broke new ground together.

Last but NEVER EVER least Thank you Johann and His wonderful person, because without you both this would haven't have happened. You guys have become very special to me and I hope this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship
To Johann a Big hug and a kiss on the lips! BOL!!!
To ALL of you and your pets many, many blessing!

Anonymous said...

HI - This is so cool. I have a question: Why is Baxter so aggressive with other dogs?
Thank you!

Johann The Dog said...

Hi Jo - unfortunately we had to end the questions last Saturday, but check back K? We may do it again :) Hugs to you and Baxter!