Monday, March 30, 2009

A few vids from AKC Nationals!

Here's Olga Chaiko and Yankee, the 26" winner, despite a missed DW contact. Missing the DW isn't their usual, if you want to see their amazing running DW, check this out!

Here's Jean LeValley and 3-year-old Speck. Despite a few bobbles in this final run, they finished up in 11th place. Definitely a pair to watch for the future.

This is Denise Thomas and Zippity, third place finishers in the 24" category.

And last for now, this is Angie Benaquisto and Dylan (a pair I run up against quite often in my neighborhood), and winners of the 16" class at the AKC Invitational. A great run, very well handled, they are an awesome team!!! With this run they finished up in 5th place.

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  1. Thanks for posting these. Ive been wanting to rewatch some of the runs. I was so happy a non-border collie won the 16 inch. LOL ( no offense to border collie poeple) . Diana


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