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Monday, March 23, 2009

Marley & Me - my review and a giveaway!

On March 31st, Fox Home Entertainment will release the heartwarming tale Marley & Me on DVD & Blu-ray! Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, the film will tug on your heartstrinks, that's fur sure!

We were fortunate to have Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, the distributor, send us a review copy of the new DVD which will be in stores on the March 31st date. The DVD not only includes the movie, but also has lots of outtakes, deleted scenes and more.

We've seen the movie and I have to say that I enjoyed it.

It's not your 'typical' dog movie. I think it's a dog movie for families. It's a drama, a comedy, and tells a very moving tale of John Grogan, his wife Jenny, their three children, and of course, the life of Marley, (who we understand was played by 22 different dogs, 11 of them puppies). I'm sure some youngsters will be fine with the movie, but unless they are prepared for every stage of life, I wouldn't want them to see it just yet.

We had read the book, so we were excited to see the movie. If you did read the book you know that the ending is very sad. And like the book, so is the movie.

One thing I couldn't help but feel throughout the entire time I watched the movie is that Marley needed a job. Marley is one of those pups that has energy to burn. I understand that kinda dog, Gracie and I are a little like that ourselves! So all the trouble he gets into, I think could have been channeled. But novice pup owners like John and Jenny probably had no idea how to channel his drive, his zest, and his energy. It happens, but what I like is they never gave up on Marley.

Throughout the movie, Marley shows his complete love for life. It's immeasurable, it's over the top, and gets him into lots of trouble.

The movie stars Academy Award®-Nominee Owen Wilson and Emmy®-Winner Jennifer Aniston. It starts when they start their life together and move from Michigan to Florida. Like any couple's and family's life, the movie shows there are ups and and their downs, great times, and tough times. But the interesting thing is that they deal with what comes their way, and in my opinion, they deal with things the best they can, coming out the other side all the better for it.

And through it all, there's Marley. Making them laugh, making them cry, making them frustrated, making them angry, making them happy, and making them appreciate all that life has to offer.

There are many scenes I liked in the movie. One particular scene that stands out to me is when Marley attends his first training class. I really enjoyed it, laughed pretty hard. I have always been a fan of Kathleen Turner, and she was precious and so out of her normal character as Marley's first obedience class instructor. Couldn't help think that she wasn't the best of trainers, and she just didn't know what to do for the energetic Marley.

But what I liked best about the movie is that Marley has that zest, love and energy for life that I think most people envy. He had a great family, was loved, cared for, and truly blessed. He had a great life - and he knew how to live it!


So, with that! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, is also providing us with a copy of the DVD to giveaway to our readers!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post, with your name and email address (if you're shy about leaving your email in my comments, feel free to email me @ johann@johannthedog.com with your name). By doing this you will be entered into the drawing (and we'll have a way to get back in touch with you if you win :)

I personally will be selecting the winner, through my usual process, which is Mum puts all the entries on little white pieces of paper on the floor, then sends me to them to pic just one. I'll be picking the winner on March 30th, and then we will let Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment know who our drawing winner is and they will be sending the winner their new Marley & Me DVD on March 31st (or shortly thereafter). Oh, please note, US and Canadian residents only please! (Apologies to my friends across the pond, and further south!)

So get your entries in! K? And then you can cry in the privacy of your own home :)

If you just can't wait to see if you're a winner you can pre-order the DVD from Amazon, and it will be sent on the 31st! Here are the links for the Single Disc Edition, Two-Disc Bad Dog Edition, and the Three Disc Bad Dog Blu-Ray Edition:


  1. w00f's, me will b the 1st...me wood love to c the movie...its lacylulu@gmail.com

    b safe,

  2. HAI! My staff has not seen this yet because when it came out they were busy taking care of a small bald screaming creature. I would love to win this for them cause they take such good care of Pugsley and me! Maybe I should write a book, "Pugsley and Me!" heh heh.

    Thanks for the opp! xo, Romeo

    romeo at romeothecat dot com

  3. Loved the book and loved the movie!


  4. I loved the book and the movie!

    mkeys724 (at) yahoo dot com

  5. Enjoyed the book but haven't seen the movie yet. Perhaps Zoey and Dasher will win it. Dasher loves watching other dogs on TV.


  6. I loved the book. Haven't seen the movie yet, however I've had to tell everybody my Marley is nothing like the Marley in the movie.


  7. Awww- a very cute review! I think a lot of your comments and observations are so spot on!

    Would love to be entered in this contest! Barkzilla@gmail.com.

    p.s. Paddy says hi- we've finally made it through Puppy Bowl I and II!

  8. I started reading this book a year ago, I could not finish it ( I knew what was going to happen). Just a few weeks ago, I picked up the book again, and could not put it down. The antics of Marley reminded me of my own yellow lab who is afraid of thunder to the point that tranquilizers are needed.
    I would love to own this copy of Marley and Me.
    Thanks for the great giveaway
    threadbeaur {at} yahoo dot com

  9. I do not seek fame, basking instead in the quiet life here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I admire your confidence and enjoy your posts. Have you seen the LED Sheep Herding video? Chihuahuas are not herding dogs, praise the doggess. Way too much work for me.

  10. I'd love to get that movie and watch it with my mom!


  11. I would love to get that movie and watch it with my mom!


  12. Mom cried through the last 2 chapters of the book. It reminded her of the many dogs who have touched her life and helped her through tough times. My human brother Sean had a dog companion Muffet who also got the boy through a difficult time in his life.
    Marley and Me is an honest story of Mr. Grogan love for his dog. Mom said she had never read a book that said how important her dogs are to her until she read Marley and Me. I want to watch the movie with her so she can hug me and pet me while she sees things that make her remember Muffet, Josh, Ali, Casey, Taylor and so many more.

  13. Remember everyone! Leave your email address in the comments to be entered!!!

    Trevi - Being the herding dogs that we are we loved that vid! Thanks for sharing it with everyone!

  14. Hey Johann,
    The girlz and I would love to see the movie.
    Pack & Pride of Kristie

  15. This was a good review Johann
    My address is ludovanpup@live.co.uk
    ~lickies, Ludo

  16. What a cool idea! We haven't seen the movie! Great review! Can't wait to keep up with your adventures!

    Pruett and Daphne

  17. I am so happy they made this a movie. The book was great.

  18. JeansandTs@hotmail.com

    My Miniature Pinschers and I want to snuggle up in the big chair together and watch this movie!

  19. Loved the book, would love to win the DVD

    Thanks for the giveaway

  20. Remember everyone! You need to leave an email addy to be entered!

  21. Would Love To Win I Saw The movie Twice And It Makes You Cry Cry But Loved It Thanks For The Contest.

  22. My daughter wants to see this so bad, we were never able to go

  23. The book was good, the movie must be great. I want to see it!!

  24. my mom's have read the book and cried, I'd love to watch them cry while they watch the movie...salty tears...I love salty tears !!!
    Love ya Zach

  25. Ive heard good reviews for this movie an have been wanting to see it,so thanks for the chance


  26. This looks like such a great movie and I really like Jennifer Aniston. I have heard and read good reviews and would love to see this movie with my family. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  27. Risanjax@metrocast.net


    Pat Connors

  28. I haven't seen it yet but I love dogs

  29. I think I would enjoy this film. We have always had dogs but now that I am 84 I can't take care of them. I miss them a lot

  30. oops, realized I'm not sure if my email will show up .. victoriayang @ gmail dot com. :D

    haven't seen the movie but would love to!

  31. i would likes this movie because marley reminds my mom of me. he's yellow and i am black, but we have the same personality and after my moms saw this movie (even though she had read the book) she came home and hugged me for hours. she and i are super close, she's my mom after all, and i know she never wants me to leave, and i never want her to either.

    email: hiemenz@gmail.com

  32. Me Me Me!! I've had a traumatic day at the V-E-T -- poked and prawded with COLD HANDS and if that wasn't enough humilation...he gives me a SHOT!!! I need to curl up with a good DOG movie. Enough of this HUMAN garbage. Us DOGS RULE!! I can't wait to see Marley & Me. :P

  33. I'd love to see the movie. Mum and the kids went and when they came home, they discovered I'd had my own Marley moment when they were gone. Don't know what they meant by that.


  34. Oh boy, we would love to snuggle up with our pack and watch this movie!

  35. Love this movie! Can't wait to see the winner!

    Here is our entry:

    Allison and Syke

  36. Movie about a yellow Lab? Is there any other kind of dog?

    Your friend,

  37. I'm having a moment. I've been sick all evening and totally forgot to leave my email...sorry :(



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