Tuesday, April 14, 2009

AKC Announces New Program for Mixed Breeds

Big news from the AKC website today:
"...Board of Directors has voted unanimously to proceed with a program for mixed breed dogs. The creation of this program ushers in new opportunities for our constituencies, our clubs and our organization to grow and flourish in many ways."
The program includes (among other things): A certificate of participation, and a competition card, with identification number. This number allows mixed breeds to compete in AKC Agility, Rally, and Obedience events.

Here's a link to the full letter, and the program details.


  1. Hurrah, my dog gets to be treated like a second class citizen because he's not purebred! The AKC can keep their $35, I'll continue to use CPE, USDAA, and the other organizations who let my mutt compete directly with the purebreds and earn the same titles.

  2. I really don't have any need or desire to participate in AKC agility events as we are busy enough with the venues that don't mind sharing the ring with the mix breeds.

    After the whole PetLand fiasco, this is just another blatant money grab. For all of the AKC members who are wondering what the big deal is, we mix breed owners feel are wondering the same thing. If all of the other agility clubs can allow all dogs to run together, why not the AKC? Really, what difference does it make?

    This system is no better than the ILP/PAL system that they currently have. Isn't it a bit silly for people to lie in order to participate and even more pathetic when the powers-that-be give out credentials to dogs that are obviously not purebreeds.

    Money talks!


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