Monday, April 20, 2009

This week is National Pet ID Week!

Hey there! I'm showing off my tags for you today in my pic, because this week is National Pet ID Week!

It's a great time to not only make sure you have your tags and that you wear them, but that the information contained on your tags is up to date.

The info on my tags include my name, phone, address, vet info and phone, emergency backup number & my microchip number!

Every once in a while, Mum and I will find some stray dogs wandering the neighborhood. Mum immediately jumps in the car with a bag of treats and tries to catch them.

She's been pretty successful at it too. And luckily all of the pups Mum has 'rescued' had tags, so Mum could call the number and get them back home in the same day! And those tags hadn't had a mig welder taken to them, and were easily readable! That's important, 'cause us pups sometimes wear down the engraving on our tags.

Having a tag or microchip for your pup is soooo important. What if, heaven forbid, that they would get lost, one day. It's so much easier for them to find their way home with some type of identification.

Here are some resources for tags that we use and like. And you can visit my website to see lots more!. But whatever you do, tag us!

Pet tags, military dog tags and license frames, customized!

Dog's Life ID Tag

Good Dog ID Tag

HomeAgain ID Tag and Membership

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  1. Great topic! Carmela did not have any tags or a microchip...that's how she ended up joining the Mafia. :-D. Thanks for talking about suchvan important topic!


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