Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winner! Hotel for Dogs DVD Giveaway!!!

Woo, hoo!

We have a winner for our Hotel for Dogs DVD Giveaway. Are you ready?

Drum roll please.....

The winner is my cool Twitter bud, Buddy, of Orphan Buddy fame! Big congrats bud!!! Sure hope you enjoy the movie, and don't furget to tell your Mum to make some pupcorn :)

Thanks to everyone who entered, sure appreciate it. And stand by, I think we're gonna have more giveaways coming up real soon! I'm gonna be so busy, Mum's gonna have to work out on the elliptical to keep up with me!

If you missed out and want to order the DVD here are some links for the widescreen, full screen and blu-ray editions:

And this is new!!! Download the movie on demand and watch it on your TiVo or PC, only $3.99! Cools!


  1. Thanks, Johann! I can't wait to eat pupcorn with my mom and little sister and watch MY movie! ARF!!

  2. Thanks, Johann! I can't wait to see it. I might even let Lily share the pupcorn!


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