Thursday, May 28, 2009

Great weekend!

Don't think we could have planned a better Memorial Day weekend if we had actually tried!

We didn't have anything specifically planned, except some hiking, agility and watching the race.

It was hot the first couple of days, so we help Mum with work around the house during the day, like laundry and cleaning. We were able to get in some backyard agility practice later in the evening, and all our neighbors came to watch us and cheer us on. That was fun!!!

You can see I got kinda hot, not used to the humidity yet!

Then on Monday it was cooler and we got in a nice hike and more agility. Video to come later in the week. We grilled out and Gracie and I got some hamburger, lettuce and watermelon, so yummy!!!!

We also helped Mum do some yard work, after she mowed the front, back and our back forty hill. That hill just about kills her it's so difficult to mow, but she's getting in shape, fur sure! Better for our agility huh?

After Mum mowed, she sprayed the lawn with organic fish emulsion, our standard fertilizer. Of course after it dried we had to go and roll around in it. It was like having a full yard of yucky stuff!! Of course Mum loved the fact that we had a sweet aroma of dead fish on us for a few days, BOL!!

Here's Gracie enjoying a good roll...

Gracie and I were sniffing each other all afternoon, so good!!!!

Then I helped Mum gather up all the sticks after she trimmed some dead wood out of our Magnolia...

Gracie enjoyed the sticks too...

Then I had to get in a little bird herding of course! What kinda day would it be without bird herding, don't even want to imagine....

Mum picked a few flowers to enjoy in our office this week. Here are some of our Iris. Gorgeous! Some day we'd like to get more varieties, like our friend Ellen...

And here are some of the peonies she picked, so fragrant!!!

It was just about the best doggone weekend, ever!!!! Thanks Mum, for making my days super fun!


  1. Pawsome photo of you running!!!! You look SO fast!!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend with your mom.

    Behr Behr :)

  2. Isn't it so convenient to have canine helpmates for the fertilizing and shrub trimming?

    I was going to recommend Maryott Iris company for a huge variety of wonderful Iris, but apparently after they left san jose, they switched to daylilies. Their current web site is , but daylilies just aren't the same as iris, although pretty and they produce flowers all summer long instead of just in the spring.

  3. It was nice here too! We went to the park!
    Morgan and Maisie

  4. Wow! what a great weekend you had!

    Our Girls love the sticks too!

  5. Wow--what a grrrreat day! And mommee wuvs the pictures of da flowers!

    Gus and Waldo


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