Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I did it - AGAIN!!!

Well, I did it again. I strained a muscle.

How? Those birds, they taunt me soooo, I just have to herd 'em.

And that's what I was doing when I strained my muscle, running full out like a crazy pup, herding them dang birds.

The good news is that Mum's been massaging me lots, I got some of that great Traumeel that works so well in relaxing me. I've rested up a day and already am feeling loads better. Maybe I won't need drug rehab after all, since I only had to take a couple of pills, BOL!!

Mum's a bit concerned that I keep doing this, even though we work hard to warm me up, cool me down, stretch me out after a good workout, work on my exercise ball, keep the exercise up daily, and more. So now she's thinking about adding some good foods to my diet that help with my muscle problems.

So she ordered me (and Gracie, will get some too) an entire case of duck necks and 2 lbs. of chicken liver from a local raw dog meat supplier. She's gonna pick 'em up tomorrow or Thursday. The reason she got duck necks instead of turkey or chicken is because they were having a big special - she got 25 lbs. of duck necks for $20.

We'll be keeping them frozen for Gracie, the gobbler. And I'll get the thawed ones. Chicken, turkey and duck necks provide a more quickly absorbing natural source of calcium, chondroitin, collagen and glucosamine, which are believed to help develop healthy joints and connective tissue. And they are gonna be great for my teeth, and oh so yummy!!!

So watch for a pic soon :) For now, it's Better Sleep Month, so I'm off to catch some zzzzzz's!


  1. Johann, you scoundrel, I'm thinking you do this deliberately to get those special turducken necks!

  2. Muscle injuries are definitly the hardest to heal. But it sounds like you doing everything you can to keep in under control. Diana

  3. Glad to hear that you are on the mend Johann. The birds around my way are the same, taunting dogs, cats(am I allowed to use that word?) and any animal higher than them on the food chain.

    Enjoy those poultry necks!


  4. We're sorry you hurt yourself! Glad you seem to be healing. You and Gracie can enjoy your duck necks -- Freckles thinks she will stick to her dandelions!

  5. oh dear Johann, hope the duck necks help!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  6. Ohh Johann ... between us all you want is the massages !!! :)

    like we say in Portugal

    " Johann, tens de ir a bruxa !! "

    good recovery

  7. Johann, buddy,... you gotta calm down. Hope you feel better. herding birds is fun though, isn't it? we live near hospitals, helicopters are fun to herd too.
    your pal, Morgan

  8. Johann, sorry to hear that you hurt yourself again! Poor guy! It's crazy considering all you do to keep fit. Hopefully the new additions to your diet will help! We'll be thinking about you!

  9. Oh no! Hope the muscle pull heals quickly (h'm). Imagine those duck necks belong to the birds that caused the problem ...

  10. Johann, I'm sorry to hear you have hurt yourself. I hope it heals up quickly.
    One thing I'm wondering. How do you let your human know that you've injured a muscle and not a joint? I always check Penny but sometimes I feel that she might have a joint or muscle pain but I'm not sure how to tell the difference.

  11. Hey everybody! Thank you so much for all your well wishes. I'm doing super good!

    Almost back to normal again. And I even got a vid a day or so ago, of me leg weaving with Mum, posting about it soon.

    The nice thing is that since we've been doing all this 'stuff' to keep me fit, I'm recovering incredibly quickly from pretty much anything that comes up; just as I did in January. So it's all paying off. Mum just thinks she needs to reign me in from getting too manic :)

    How does she tell what's wrong with me? Well, long story as short as I can - after all the injuries, she's learned through poking me on every inch of my body, moving every moving part, and watching my facial reactions, pretty much where the problem lies.

    This time it was my inside thigh and lower stomach muscle area that I kind of 'flinched' at, during the poking and leg stretching check up - a sure sign it was a tiny stress on my iliopsoas again.

    Seems like it's a place we really have to pay attention close to in the future, work on more, strengthen, stretch, warm up, cool down, and the like, since the more severe pull last year.

    Sometimes when I strain something, at first my entire body will be tense, and it's really difficult to narrow it down. Kind of like when a human pulls something, they get tense all over. So it may take a day or so of me loosening up to really narrow down the immediate sore spot. Make sense?

    BTW - those duck neck are pawsome!!!! :)


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