Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little agility practice!

Mum and I got in a little agility practice in the backyard the other day. Dog, the weather has been amazing for agility lately. Cooler, sunny, dry, super nice!!! Even though it's a little warm in the middle of the day, the evenings are amazing!

We wanted to work a little on pinwheels, and keeping me tight and fast in them. Not so sure we accomplished the fast part (although the speed isn't too bad), but we did accomplish the tight part. Mum tried to get in front crosses, one time she couldn't make it and had to improvise. Goofy Mum!!!

Oh, and you can hear our neighbor trying to kill their lawnmower with tall grass, BOL!!!

But the biggest and funnest thing?

It's when I jump in Mum's arms at the end. We've been working a lot on that. It's not the best jump up, but we're getting there! Have to say it took two years for us to get this far with the jump in the arms thing, and working it into a little agility run. Mum's proud of me, I finally got it! Woofs!


  1. WooHoo, Johann! Great weaves and pinwheels! You and your mum are looking good!!!! You just gave us another sequence to try - we'll give it a go this morning!

  2. Great job, Johann!!

    We would love to see what would happen if we tried to jump into our mommee's arms like that!

    Gus and Waldo


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