Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fun hiking weekend!

After we got the new Raise a Green Dog website live and worked out a few little glitches, we got to spend some fun and quality time together. This weekend, we went hiking, not once, but twice!

On Sunday we went down to our usual hiking place near the White River Park just down the road. But on Saturday we got to go to a new hiking place. Mum took Gracie and me with her to stock up on dog food from our great friends in Pendleton. When that was done Mum surprised us by taking us to Falls Park near there for a nice little hike!

Little did we know that there was a Lions Fair going on there, so it took us a while to find a parking spot, but we finally found one. Then it was off on our little hike.

On the way to the trail we saw this super cool stone design, take a look it says 1888! That's older than the hills (and Mum, BOL!)!

Then we made our way to the river. We had to cross it on a little footbridge to get to the other side where the trail starts. I saw some ducks I wanted to herd...

And Gracie was enthralled with the falls...

Then we finally made it to the trail, a very tidy one at that. We like a little more off-road, but we were having fun, nonetheless. We saw squirrels, lots of birds, bugs, and plants. We even saw some leaves that needed acne treatments, they were all spotty, probably a fungus or something. We thought it was cool, but Mum was ewey all over the place. Guess she thought she may catching somethin, or somethin, BOL!!

We stopped to check out the river, me at the bank...

And Gracie at the bridge...

Gracie was getting super overstimulated with the new environment. Mum wishes she would have brought Gracie's clicker to help her focus at times and work on impulse control. Mum couldn't even get Gracie's attention to sit and take a treat. Next time, fur sure!

Overall it was a super weekend. No agility, but hiking galore! We hope you had a great weekend too! And here's a little video of scenes from our hike. You can hear the fair (and the screaming little two leggers) in the background, BOL!!!


  1. How totally kewl dat you gots to go hiking last weekend, too. Isn't that the bestest fun? Check out my hiking pics - we live almost like 1,000 miles away from each other but our hiking pics look a lot the same! http://shawneetheshep.blogspot.com/

  2. That looked like a great hike. Sure were a lot of things to stop and smell!

  3. w00f's nice walk u pups had...did u get in the water??

    b safe,

  4. Johann - two hikes in one weekend? You're a lucky dog! Glad to hear your mum took you and Gracie to some awesome hiking spots.

  5. What incredible scenery you get to take in on your walks. Lucky dogs!


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