Tuesday, July 21, 2009

European Open 2009 this weekend!

This weekend, July 25th & 26th is the European Open in The Netherlands. Over 600 of the top dog/handler teams from around the World will be competing for the top spots.

AgilityVision.com will be providing Video on Demand coverage of the event throughout the weekend. The VOD for the entire weekend is 24.99; the finals coverage will be 19.99. Katie and Eric will also be Tweeting from the event on Twitter @agilityvision. And Melanie Miller, one of the competitors may also be Tweeting at the event @agilemindsmel.

Here are some links for further info:

Time Schedule
Practice Schedule
The Rules
Complete List of Entries

US participants include:

Large Dog -

Ace and Nancy Nancy
Aiko and Susan Cochran
Skylar and Ann Zarr
Bree Sea and Elicia Elicia Calhoun
Nika and Elicia Calhoun
Dan and David Skvorak
Slick Lisa Marie Bowers
Yankee (BC) and Olga Chaiko
Sweep (BC) and Roger Anderson
Switch (BC) and Mindy Lytle

Medium Dog -

Smitten (BC) and Melanie Miller
Export (Mix) and Tracy Sklenar
Jib (Poodle) and Suzi Cope
Siryn (BC) and Sarah Dow

Small Dog -

Roo (Sheltie) and Janneke Case
Reebok (Sheltie) and Lisa Jarvis
Harry (Miniature Schnauzer) and Anna Ericsson
Rock-It (Sheltie) and Barb Davis
Sully (Sheltie) and Mary Jo Johnson
Jazzmine (Sheltie) and Della Sliker
Binkie (Sheltie) and Janneke Case
Jeep (Sheltie) and Katie Trachte
Breeze (Sheltie) and Anne Stocum
Jente (Swedish Vallhund) and Sue Megenity
April (Poodle) and Lori Borrowman
Chase (Sheltie) and Deborah McBride

The event promises to be one of the top dog agility events of the year. The US will have some hefty competition on their hands, including a powerhouse medium team of Silvia Trkman and La Slovenia), and Silas Boogk and Caja (Germany), and Polona Bonac and Sja (Slovenia), Vikno OŇ°tarijas and Gala (Slovenia).

We have a couple of good friends competing in the event this weekend, besides those in the US:

Our friends from Portugal - Hugo and Kissy (Cocker Spaniel) and and from Slovenia - Barby and Xsara (Beagle).

Others who will be great to watch...Fanny Gott and Shejpa, Dave Munnings and Dobby, Greg Derrett and GT, Bernadette Bay and Zen and lots more.

To get you in the mood, here is Silas Boogk and Caja, last year's winners in the medium category:

Good luck to all the competitors!!!!

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