Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uh, oh...I think I may be in trouble!

Well, guess this is what happens when you're an agility dog, right? BOL!


  1. Well done!

    I mean, woo had to save the khounter from the skhwirrel!


  2. Oh no! Quick! Get OFF the counter! I am positive you are not supposed to jump up there! :)

  3. Wow! How'd you get up there Johann!?

  4. It's funny what dogs generalize--counter surfing for goodies followed closely after I taught her to "dance."

  5. Ha! That reminds me of that one episode of Mad About You where Murray the dog was on the table! heehee

  6. Did you seriously jump all the way up on the counter? And did your mum seriously go and get the camera as her first response to it if you did? Wow! Impressive all the way around! :)

  7. You guys crack me up!

    Ok, seriously if you just have to know how to do this so you can get in trouble too, here's the story.

    My kittie bro, Wolfie, gets fed on the counter. I know it's weird, but when you have two cats and two dogs in the house well you have to be flexible.

    Wiggy gets fed in the downstairs bathroom, because Wolfie will steal his food. At least Gracie and I are normal, we get fed on the floor like most pets, BOL!

    So after feeding time, Mum has to put a chair in front of the cabinet door, because Wolfie starts trash digging in there.

    I used the chair to my advantage to get up on the counter and lick up any remains Wolfie left from breakfast. Was up there 5 minutes before Mum found me. That's nearly a month in dog years, isn't it! Seemed like furever!

    Anyway, Mum had the camera nearby on the table and just had to take a snapshot to my dismay.

    Mum was just happy I didn't try to jump down, OMD!

    No I didn't get punished. Mum says it was her fault for not getting a child safety lock instead of putting a chair in front of the cabinet. And I misbehave so rarely, (aahhuuummm), how could she get mad at me, BOL!!!

    Have a tip 4 ya: Do not try this at home without consulting a professional!!! :)

  8. We won't try this at home because we think we would be in deep doggie do-do if one of us got caught standing on the counter.

    (Hummm says Casper I guess the trick is not to get caught...)

  9. Ha Ha - thats a good one Johann. table, counter, whats the difference? count to 5,.. grab a snack, if nobody is counting. count to 5 again... more snack, Where is that Judge anyways?.. you are so very resourceful. I am so impressed.

  10. I, too, applaud your initiative. :-) And your mom gets kudos for the right reaction! A good dog trainer appreciates such things...even if we don't reinforce them!

    (I did have a BC end up on the counter once...of her own accord, no help from chairs. Came on and off like she'd hit a flyball box! Wasn't quick enough to catch that one on camera!)

  11. Haha! That reminds me of our last agility trials, I was in a jumping mood and shocked Mom 4 times doing stuff like that. She was standing around near the measuring table and I hopped up on that twice without her noticing, but that was nothing. Then she was standing near a table with all the course maps on them, normal table size, and I hopped up on that. Surprise!

    So she was silly enough to stand next to an arcade game table in the hall, and I thought I'd give her a heart attack and leaped up on THAT! Mom and the lady walking by saw that and nearly fainted!
    She thinks I was looking for my doggy masseuse friend who has a tall table that I jump up on...
    haha sometimes I like to keep Mom guessing.

    (no bar-knocker me!)

  12. Yikes! You better get down before your mom sees you up there, Johann!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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