Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking Woodstock!

In honor of the new movie coming out this weekend, "Taking Woodstock," and of course the 40th Anniversary of the weekend of Peace & Love, I just had to don my favorite 60's attire.

OK, I'm not really dressed like this. I'm pawticipating in a Twitter PawPawty this weekend to help RomeoTheCat and other four leggers raise money for the The Emergency Animal Rescue Service (TEARS).

Nearly every month there is a Twitter PawPawty. It's a great time for all the dogs, cats, bunnies and other furfriends to get together, have some fun, win some prizes (of which we are donating a Marley & Me DVD) and raise some good money for some anipals in need. With all the four leggers at the pawty, guess we're not going to have to worry about home insurance, thank DOG!

So if you're on Twitter, stop by the pawty and donate a buck or two, or three, or five to help! Or just hop on board, Gracie's driving the bus!


  1. mom says she wanted to go to Woodstock, but her parents wouldn't let her. BOL! So, she went in spirit.
    your pal, Morgan


Thanks for barking in!

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