Tuesday, September 15, 2009

100+ Squidoo lenses!

I haven't talked about my Squidoo lenses for a while, so I thought I'd bring 'em up 'cause there's some fun, interesting, educational, and entertaining stuff in these lenses.

If you don't know about Squidoo, it's a site created by one of my Mum's marketing idols, Seth Godin. She's always reading his stuff to keep up on marketing trends, ideas and tips for her clients at Pawsible Marketing.

We joined Squidoo back in I think early 2008, and have since been the only pup to achieve membership into the Giant Squidoo 100 club. Which is kinda cool considering I don't have any opposable thumbs, BOL!!

Anywho, there are lots of lenses you can see in my lensography to get a taste for what interests you. For over a year my most popular Squidoo lens was 'Canine CPR' which we wrote after we learned about our friend Tish and how she saved her pup Cruella from choking one day. Scary stuff, and good practices to know, 'cause you never know when an emergency may strike right?

Just this year that lens was overtaken in popularity by my Teach Your Dog to Walk on a Treadmill lens. You may remember that Mum bought me a treadmill after my iliopsoas pull in '08, so I could workout and get in better shape during the winter. Guess lots of folks have thought about teaching their pup to walk on a treadmill, since the humans don't ever use 'em, hey? BOL!!

Those are just two of the lenses - there are over 100 more including ones on dogs sports, keeping your canine athlete fit and happy, famous and heroic dogs, make at home recipes, how to's on throwing a pup Halloween party, and lots, lots more. And, of course, there is my absolute favorite lens - The Coolest Dog Toys on the Planet!

So if you've got some time, or are looking for some fun or information, stop over at my lensography to find out all what's available.



  1. I dashed across to look at your toy squidoo, and I learned about a new toy - the Chase it looks like fun.

  2. yes, the Chase It - very cool! Let's hope that Clean Run has another free shipping op at the holidays for you :)


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