Friday, September 04, 2009

New Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl and Game!

We found another very cool interactive dog game thats newly available from CleanRun. It's the Aikiou Interactive Dog Bowl & Game from Canada.

Here's some info from the CleanRun website:

Dogs need intellectual stimulation as well as physical activity. The Aïkiou (pronounced "IQ") Interactive Bowl was developed to meet that need. It gives your dog a chance to solve problems in the form of an interactive game between you and your dog. But besides using the Aïkiou as an anytime educational and fun activity, you can also use it as a food dish for meals. Because your dog will have to "forage" for his dinner, he will be eating his more slowly. This is a great way to slow down dogs that inhale their food.

The Aïkiou bowl has four double compartments, each with a sliding door that moves back and forth, and six compartments with a large spinning door. You hide the food in the compartments and the dog accesses the hidden food by turning the wheel and opening the sliding doors. The spinning door comes off for ease of cleaning.

It looks super cool and is only $24.95!

Here are a couple of videos to show you how it works:

I want one!!!!!

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  1. I want one too! BTW congrats on your Gotcha Day. Mom can't remember exactly my Gotcha Day so we just do the birthday which she knows for a fact.

    Mom's one happy tired human today -- on Friday little Ollie won the Puppy Group at a dog show in NJ, and then on Saturday I got a 2nd place in Novice FAST and on Sunday I got my FIRST Double Q!!!!!!!! She fell down in Standard on Sunday while I was on the teeter so I waited 'til she got up and ran again. How would I know where to run next??? She is SORE today, I'm telling ya! That grass was slick!



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