Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Does this shirt make my head look big?

Do you think this shirt makes my head look big? BOL!

Mum was complaining the other day about not having some nice warm sweatshirts for our hikes and walks the other day.

So what did I do? I told her to go and buy some of the new sweatshirts we made, well, duh! She did and we got them the other day. So excited!

She bought one of my Agility t-shirts too! I just had to try it on, to see how I looked, ya know?

Mum is absolutely loving the new sweatshirts. She got one of with a hood and some pockets on the front to carry extra treats for me and Gracie for our hike. She got that one in the "Save The Dog, Save The Planet" design. Then she got a regular sweatshirt in the "Reduce your Carbon Pawprint" design." Now, Mum's gonna have to do a Marketing Job Search and get another client! BOL!

Have to say that she looks pretty spiffy walking us. And lots of our neighbors are ooooing and ahhhhing over them too. Great quality, nice weight...just right for our Fall hikes and walks.

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