Thursday, November 12, 2009

Helping Mum!

You remember our pull of the socks trick, right? We'll Mum and Gracie were working on some tricks the other night and decided to surprise me!

They were out in the backyard doing something that was really bugging me, while I had to suffer as silently as possible (NOT!) inside in my crate until they were done.

So what were they doing?

Here's the goofy, surprise video of Mum and Gracie taking the 'pull of the socks' tricks to almost the extreme? Now, maybe they'll have to get las vegas nv hotel rooms and take that show on the road, BOL!!!

Don't worry you won't see anything you're not supposed to :) Hope you enjoy!


  1. Vegas? Strip poker? By George, you are onto something there. Wonnerful show. *applaws*

  2. That's adorable. Bet a lot of training went into teaching that one.

  3. That was really sweet. Gracie's tail was wagging a mile a minute. You could tell she was loving her job. I mess around with my moms clothes too, but only when she is not looking. I like to keep her cool with surprise air conditioning designer holes! BOL.
    Your pal, Morgan

  4. What a neat trick, Gracie! You're so smart!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Well, that clip is wonderful in every way! The black and white color, the music, the wagging tail...

    I smiled the entire time I watched it.

  6. Hey! I pull Mommy's socks, gloves, and hat off all the time and all I ever get is a "Stop that!" I'm going to have to talk to her about this.


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