Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our weekend!

This past weekend I ran with the Classic K9 Extreme Performance Team at the Great Indy Pet Expo.

I have to say it was kinda fun! So noisy with all the loud music and barking flyball dogs, but fun nonetheless!

Mum gave me a bath on Friday night, why I don't know. But truth be told, I hadn't had a bath in about a year. Mum doesn't give me baths very often, 'cause I just don't need them with her brushing me often and an occasional clean up after rolling in yucky stuff. But she liked it, she has her nose in my fur for days!!!

The little course was kinda odd (that's it above). They had lower jumps, because we were running on cement with a little carpet covering. The frame was very low, and there was this weird teeter/canon thing that I had to run through. Oh, and a window with no jump bar too, which I didn't get at first. But after a couple of practice runs we were good to go.

I waited in my crate before we ran. We started out with a parade of dogs, then it was time for the flyball dogs, then the disc dogs, and then the agility dogs.

Here's a video of one of my runs (but mostly you see Mum's butt, BOL!!)

Wadda ya think? Do I need to get a used rv for sale and take my show on the road? Bwwwaaahahahah!

We got home and Mum ran Gracie in a little agility in the backyard, since she had to stay home cooped up all day. She did great, worked on her dog walk a little, some distance jumps, she had some fun! But Mum twisted her back so that we couldn't go back to the Pet Expo on Sunday. But I didn't really mind, Mum didn't like it much that I was running and jumping on cement. So we watched Mum hobble around the house and work on Sunday.

During the event we went around and visited a lot of folks we know. We visited the booth where my shelter was featuring lots of pets for adoption. We love the folks at the Southside Animal Shelter.

And we got to visit with my friend Mary Marshall, she's an animal communicator. But we missed seeing my friends from Canines in Action, where I had my first obedience and clicker class. Would loved to have seen Laura.

In the middle of all the action, they had a petting zoo. Lots of goats, chickens, ducks and more. Oh...the herding potential there! I got a little crazy when we got near them.

All in all it was a fun day. Fun day to get out and do something different. Fun day to get out and see some old friends and meet some new ones.


  1. I went to a Pet Expo that was here in town last spring so I know what you mean about how loud it was! You looked like you had fun running their little agility course, though! It's cool that you participated and kept your focus on your mum when it was so noisy!

    Sorry about your mum's back! Hope she is feeling better today!

  2. Nice job, Johann! You is speedy quick fast and so is your mom! Impressive. On turkey day I is going to be cruisin by your neck of the woods on my way to St. Louis (and placing foster dog Buttons with @lexiloudog in Illinois on the way) so if'n you hear a woof, that would be me sending you a woofout as I go through Indy!

  3. Great work again!

    I'm still so amazed how woo khan just settle down whilst waiting!

    I'm way toooooooo into seeing evfurrything and evfurryone!


  4. hello johann its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow gud run and that is kwite an adjility korse!!! i am partikyoolarly pleezd to see that it has a cannon as a defensiv weppon aginst the ninja hedjhogs!!! ok bye

  5. what the heck was that cannon thing? Hey, you did pretty good. did you have the fastest time? It's always fun to go to new places and see/smell different stuff. That petting zoo looks like a great place to check out. I would of liked that!
    your pal, Morgan


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