Friday, November 06, 2009

Pssssttt! We have big news to share...announcing JohannTheDog Direct!

Every now and then we come across some amazing dog products. You've read on my blog about some of them, and how much we like 'em; like the Nina Ottosson toys, and others. Great stuff!

Some of these products are so pawsome, we've decided to begin offering them directly to you through a new section of, called JohannTheDog Direct! Here's my new little logo for that section of the site.

At JohannTheDog Direct we will be featuring the best of the best, most innovative, Johann tried and tested, new and exciting dog products on the market...all paw picked with my four-star stamp of approval, purchased and shipped directly from me, Johann....from my yours.

One of the first products we are offering is the Thundershirt, which we'll be blogging about today. It's a great shirt for pups who have thunder, storm, anxiety or stress issues. We tested it out on Gracie and were very happy with the results - review to come :)

We're also offering three of the Nina Ottosson dog toys, puzzles and games. We decided that we would offer three of the more difficult wooden toys, because those are our favs...and we know how much you guys/gals like a challenge too!

Coming this weekend or early next week will be two more products. A very cool, functional, easy to wear, tough dog coat that I recently tested and really love. I think it's the best coat I've ever owned. I gotta keep those muscle warm for agility you know!

And last but certainly not least for now, we'll have a nice little inexpensive fun toy that would make a great holiday present. Gotta tell ya, there's gonna be such neat stuff that you'll surely want to go right out and get an extra artificial christmas tree to fit all the cool stuff you're gonna wanna get, BOL!!!

For now, you can go to JohannTheDog Direct directly :) Or you can stop by the front page of JohannTheDog and check out not only the products in JohannTheDog Direct, but some of the pawsome holiday items available from the companies we work with. We sniffed out some cool ones the other day....a great preview for what's to come for the holidays.

Bear with me...we're just getting things up and running, and hope you don't run into any glitches, with the website pages, shopping or checkout. Heck, I'm just a dog you know :). Oh, and if by chance we run out of stock, we'll get more in in just a couple of days.

Hope you like it!

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  1. This is a great way for readers to get good reviews on things that you have already used. I am very interested in the Thundershirt! I have a Jack Russel that we rescued that shakes out of control when she hears the rain coming-- drives me nuts, but makes me worried for her too. I am seriously considering trying if after reading what it did for your pup! Pawsome!


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