Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Don't furget to help out the Southside Animal Shelter!

Thanks so much to everyone who has entered Johann's Howling Howliday Giveaway so far! We've had lots of entries and lots of votes - over 2500 votes so far!

We also want to give out a super thanks to those who have contributed to my shelter - the Southside Animal Shelter - so far too! You rock!!!!

If you haven't yet, remember, the Holidays are a season of giving back, so don't forget to donate what you can to my shelter, if you're pawticipating. Even a buck will do!!!

If the nice folks at the Southside Animal Shelter hadn't have rescued me from a life on the streets we sure wouldn't be able to bring you this pawsome Giveaway!

We're at 21% of our goal, to reach the $500 targeted contribution to help more pups like me get a furever home. So spread the word! Anyone wishing to donate can go to the Giveaway page or have them come to this blog post and donate too!


  1. Ohhh!!! Thanks Nigel.

    And we gots another one in today too, thank you to them. And I do want to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed so far, you guys are pawsome.

    If you don't feel comfy using FirstGiving, you can always go to the site. They have a paypal button for contributions if that suits you better. Just tell 'em Johann sent ya :)

  2. Hey, Johann. We are more than happy to help out your shelter. A big thank-you to you, Gracie, and your mum for all your time and effort in researching safe, fun and healthy products for us doggies. We sure appreciate your passing all of that good information on to all of us.
    your pals,
    Morgan & Maisie


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