Sunday, December 13, 2009

A few photos from our hike yesterday!

Lucky for us the weather was kind of bearable yesterday, so we got in a little five mile hike down at our favorite walking path. Mum made us stay on the path because everywhere else was super muddy. But we didn't mind, we ended up walking just off the path anyway. Mum stayed clean and dry and we got our mud and snow and wet on, BOL!!!

We made a little stop at the stream and it was still kinda frozen, but very beautiful! No need for gswf here :)

We walked 3.5 miles at a pretty brisk clip, which is...'make Mum walk as fast as she can'. Then we took a little break at our favorite stump, and took in the river views.

I was being my impatient self and started chewing on my leash to say, 'let's go!'

We walked on, until we finished the five mile path. Just as we turned the corner Mum snapped this pic and wanted to share , because it reminds her of every winter of Indiana she has ever lived, and that's a lot of 'em you know :)

Got back home, and had a nice dinner with Sweet Potato chews for dessert. Mum cleaned, did laundry, got the dish washer all loaded up and timer set, and then we vegged out and watched a couple of movies. Fun day!

Hope you all had a fun day too!


  1. My hike yesterday looked about the same as yours with a little snow and ice on the sides of the waters. It woz cold! brrrrrr.

  2. Those are some awesome pictures, Johann. It looks like you guys had a great time. I can't wait to get back out in to the woods!

  3. You guys are brave for getting out there in the cold and wet and mud! We went to the park yesterday but at least it was sunny! Gotta get out and get exercise no matter what the weather, though, right?

  4. Just enough snow to make it pretty. Thanks for the photos. Boost often takes charge of her own leash; usually it's for tug of war, mostly I think she just wants to make sure that I know where I'm going. Then she doesn't chew or tug, just carries it.


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