Thursday, December 03, 2009

More dogwalk practice!

With all the hiking we've been doing this summer and fall, we've neglected our running dogwalk practice. But we've been working on it the past few of weeks, weather permitting.

Mum made a new set up for us to practice it out in the yard, so that we can now begin to incorporate obstacles before and after, turning, increase speed and more.

So we started this session with the height at the same place we were back mid summer. We increased the height fairly quickly this time, since we were both doing really well, and remembered what we had learned previously. At this rate Mum's gonna have to get us another SD card, with all these videos.

I'm ready to raise the dogwalk again...though Gracie still needs work (she's still not running through the yellow). The best part is that I'm hitting the mid yellow must more consistently than I was before. So...enjoy!


  1. Yahoo! I love my running contacts!
    Keep up the great practice.

  2. You and Gracie are looking great on those running contacts! Johann you especially are super fast! Way to go!

  3. Looking great! Good to see you guys in an agility video again. Keep 'em coming :)

  4. I toyed with the idea of running contacts for a while, but decided that I was probably better off teaching Marge the 2o2o since I do find it to be clearer. But, man, the running contacts really increase your speed around the course...

  5. On the dogwalk, on the dogwalk, yeah, I wag my little tail on the dogwalk ...

  6. Look at you two are so good at that.


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