Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Was just a little sore last week...

Weekend before last, during all the Howliday Giveaway stuff...I got a little sore. Mum wasn't sure what was going on with me, but I was super hunchy for several days, and the muscles around my tummy were very tight, and I really didn't want to get my zoomies on.

So Mum set up an appointment last week to see my soft tissue specialist. And she also set up an appointment to pick up some raw food for me, Gracie and Wolfie and Wiggy...more on that later in the week.

My soft tissue specialist watched me walk (and wouldn't you know it I was a little better by the time we got to her house). Then she pushed on me in my abdomen and iliopsoas areas. After she worked on me for a while, she thought that I had jammed my femer (that' my back leg) sometime recently, and that it made my iliopsoas super tight. So glad Mum didn't have to look up info about arthritis, fur sure!

She released those muscles and stretched out my back leg. And dog, did I feel better! After a day or so of forced rest, I was back to my old self. Yeah!!! Just in time to make that Holiday video we posted end of last week.

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  1. Oh, Johann, my mom feels your pains, literally. She iz all hunched over too and wented to the kiropracter today. It's her back again. She is off werk this week, figures. There goes our hiking plans for tomorrow. Glad you is better. I force mom to rest tomorrow then mebbe she be better too. Udderwise, we come see your doctor, k?


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