Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another great video from Silvia Trkman - must share!!!

Now that I can 'fetch' and 'put'...wonder if Mum has any of these tricks up my paw next!

Check this out, another fantastic video from Silvia Trkman and the LaBuBi team :)

First it's put a toy in a box, then it's let Mum take it easy on the heated mattress pads while I fold the laundry. Hey, I want to do my part, BOL!!! Game on!

If you haven't yet, be sure and visit bookmrak her website, and subscribe to her YouTube Channel! You will get lots and lots of inspiration, fur sure!

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  1. Amazing video, although the team did miss a couple of spots. I will go check out the web site and the youtube station if you keep this from my mom. You understand it might put some ideas in her head and I prefer to lounge on my heating pad. Thank you!


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