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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Click....how fast are you?

This is fun!!! An interesting little game that gauges how fast your reactions are. See if you can beat me and Mum after we tried it out a few times. We got to 0.2106 seconds on average.

Thought this would also be a good gauge to see how accurate your clicking (with clicker training) may be, too! And thanks to Karen Pryor for pointing this game out on Facebook.


  1. How khool!

    We won't tell the number but let's just say Mom should move to Texas or Oklahoma -

    Tank woo fur sharing!


  2. Interesting game! I didn't manage to beat you and your Mum. You are pretty quick. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Johan, are you agility training your paws? Interesting...I love games always

  4. Well, a lot of time could be used up playing that game! First time: .2322, second time: huge number as accidentally clicked, third time: .2222. Just can't beat you Johann! I don't think I'll say thanks for sharing, lol!

  5. Great fun! Now I know why I'm so slow on the clicker with Penny!

  6. Fun, fun, fun!!! We have to get a little better before we will reveal our score. (In other words we were pathetic!)

    Emma Rose


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