Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Look what Mum found cleaning up her office!

Mum was doing a major, and I mean major, cleaning job on our office on Sunday. And she got all the files and books ready for 2010, a good start on our tax stuff ready for our accountant for 2009. She had stuff all over the floor, sorting and piling and filing away.

I wasn't much interested in all that stuff, but I kept a small eye on her as she worked....until.....

...she got out my agility ribbons, I totally got off my keister to check them all out. Mum's been bad, she had some of them in a nice box for safe keeping, but didn't have all of them boxed up and just stuffed in the cabinet. So she checked for accutane reviews, (just kidding, BOL!), then headed off to the garage to find a nice protective box to put them all in, and of course leave room for a few more ;)

Here I am inspecting each and every one of the ribbons Mum and I worked so hard for. I can't wait till we're doing agility again!!!


  1. Wow that's a lot of ribbons!!!! We can't wait until you're doing agility again too, Johann!

  2. Those look like they need an entire wall to be displayed on. Covered in glass, of course :)

    You are really a Super Star!

    Emma Rose

  3. Wowzers, That is a lot of winnings!. I bet you are one of the best dogs there!
    your pal, Morgan


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