Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some cool products we dug up!

We sniffed out some new and pawsome products - great stuff we wanted to share for agility fanatics like me, or for pups that just want to have fun!

Check these out....

Wanna keep your pup busy? Here's a new interactive toy we dug up, The Pooch Ball. It bounces, rolls, is big enough for a regular size tennis ball, and may just entertain your pup for hours!

Remember we talked about the Thundershirt? We've been getting quite a few emails about how pups are being helped with with anxiety, and thunder/lightening/fireworks fears using the Thundershirt! Now we've got it in Rugby Blue. Check it out.

Oh....I definitely want one of these! The Ready Treat Remote-controlled Reward System. A great tool for teaching contacts, go outs, independent obstacle performance and more. It's super compact, and takes any kind of treat, and less expensive than the Manners Minder.

Tires can be dangerous for us pups. Here's a great product - a BreakAway Tire Jump, the ultimate in tire jump safety. If your dog accidentally hits the tire, it will break apart at the base of the tire, then self heal with powerful magnets located within the tire itself. You can purchase just the tire, or the entire tire jump, at a reasonable price, great for practice.

You know how much I'm a proponent of Exercise Ball work to keep in shape, especially in the Winter months. Dr. Debbie Gross Saunders has come out with a sequel DVD to help you learn more about Exercise Ball work and utilizing it to help your dog. Check out the new Get on the Ball Two DVD.

And last but not least...here's a great tool to help you and your dog learn and master jumping techniques. And if you're not quite ready to invest the money for the One Jump, Two Jump DVD and want of a more detailed explanation of the program to help you make your decision? Clean Run has taken the 63-page PDF file that's included on the disc free of charge when you purchase the One Jump, Two Jump DVD and we have turned it into a printed training workbook. Only 19.95.

We've got a whole lotta people looking for dog treadmills to combat cabin fever. If you've got a large (or small) dog, this is a great one to choose - the PetZen. It's quiet, portable, has incline adjustments and comes in three sizes. (Remember a human treadmill won't work for larger dogs!)


  1. Stewie and I got Get on the Ball 2 for Christmas, and we are going it every night! It helps get some energy out, and is very fun also.

  2. That's great Nancy & Stewie!! It's amazing how much work, ball work can be! We love it too.

  3. Thanks for all the great reviews. We always count on you to find us the fun stuff! That ball thingy looks fun - I think the Duchess needs it as much as I do :)

    Emma Rose

    PS Koko's zoomie winner will be announced on Friday. I am still the only video, I think. :) We might WIN!


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