Wednesday, January 05, 2011

We had a snow day!

A couple of weeks ago, we had a snow day!

We were very happy that we didn't move too far south to enjoy some of the white stuff. And we got to play in it a lot!!!

We wrestled...

We boxed...

We zoomed...

And posed for snow shots fur Mum...

Is that a treat in your hand?

Then we boxed some more...

And zoomed some more...

And practiced our recalls...

And caught a few snow flakes...

Then Mum had some fun with that new camera of ours and got some burst shots, came back home and made a fun gif. She's so goofy!!!

I know a lot of folks got a lot of snow! We only got a few inches, then it melted away not too long after that. But it sure was fun while it lasted!

The next day (post coming soon) everything was pretty muddy and Mum had to put me in the kitchen sinks to clean me off, BOL!!!

But it was a pawsome time playing in the snow!!!


  1. We got about a foot of snow here over Christmas and I'm still trying to eat my way through it all. But I think it's supposed to start raining soon and then it will all be gone again. Isn't snow the best?!?!

  2. You two sure was hasing fun in that snow! We gotted 32 inches so it will be here until June! Lots did melt ofur the weekend when it got warm but mom sayed at the food store last night there woz MOUNTAINS in the pawking lot!

  3. What GREAT pikhs!

    Of khourse, I'm soooo jelly!


  4. I wonder what it is about snow that dogs love it so much? Or is it only the dogs who don't see it very often?


Thanks for barking in!

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