Sunday, January 10, 2010

Winter snow fun!

We got a little snow the past few days...about 6 or so inches, best guess. It's been very cold here too, in the teen's for well over a week. But we managed to get in a little snow fun!

Here's Gracie and me getting our snow zoomies on...

A little snow foraging never hurt any dog...

And of course a little wrestling goes a long way...

I'll tell ya, when Gracie gets going you better watch out and look into some cheap car insurance...

Chasing my sis is one of my fav passtimes, her's too :)

Covered in the stuff...white looks good on black, don't ya think? BOL!!!

When it snows a lot, and gets really cold, it's very quiet outside...I can hear dogs barking miles away. And of course I have to respond!

Off to play some more! See ya!


  1. You both look like you're having so much fun in the snow!
    We love it too!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. That look super fun!!
    Lemme know what them chicken feets are like!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  3. You and Gracie shore is hasing funs. I luv snow zoomies and snow nomming and snow rassling... But we doesn't has enuff snow rite now, you has it all BOL!

  4. Please ignore the fact that my lil' teeth are chattering as I watch your photos, I can't help but want to join in some snow fun.
    Did you digest your chicken feet yet?

  5. What is it about snow that brings out the zoomies like nothing else?

    Snow is awesome and so are your pictures!

    Emma Rose

  6. You two look like you're having such fun! I'm not a fan of the snow, so I'll send you ours if we get anymore!


Thanks for barking in!

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