Friday, February 19, 2010

Fun vids!

BOL!! We found a couple of pretty funny vids making their ways across (what my friend Suzy calls) the ethers.

Check this one out! Mum thinks it looks just like her Grandpa, that would be my human Great-Grandpa. Mum remembers him well even before her first communion invitations went out...too funny!

We were outside the other day when kittie bro, Wiggy, dashed through the door and encountered about 12 inches of snow, BOL!! He always shakes his paws when he steps in snow, silly boy. Mum had to go out and get him, stuck in the snow. So when we found this new Simon's Cat, of his first snow encounter, we had to share!

Then, there's Pavlov's Dog, another one making the Internet rounds. Guess you better take Pavlov's dog pretty siriusly!


Sbocco Studios | MySpace Video

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