Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh...oh! New Nina Ottosson toys now available in the US!

Oh...oh! Check this out. Three new Nina Ottosson Intelligent and Interactive Dog Toys/Puzzles have arrived in the US!

Dog Finder - With the Dog Finder, the dog learns to look for treats by sliding blocks (in the shape of bones) in four different directions, using paw or nose. A block can only be lifted by sliding it to the end of its track. Under the blocks there are compartments where treats can be hidden. You can place one or two blocks in each track. Using one block is a great way to introduce your dog to the Dog Finder. As skill improves, put two blocks in each track. This game is tough and hard wearing. It has anti-slip feet on the bottom and can be cleaned with soap and water or put in the dishwasher. Skill level = intermediate.

Dog Twister - With the Dog Twister, the dog looks for treats by moving one block after another in a clockwise or counterclockwise circle. To increase the difficulty of the game, you can lock the blocks in position by inserting the bone-shaped pegs in place. There are compartments under the blocks where treats can be hidden. Also dishwasher safe. Skill level = intermediate/advanced.

And the new Plastic Dog Casino - With the new Plastic Dog Casino your dog or cat looks for treats by pulling out the flaps in different directions. In each flap there is a compartment where the treat can be hidden. Increase the degree of difficulty by locking the flaps using the bone-shaped pegs on top.

You can find all the Nina Ottosson toys through JohannTheDog.com!


  1. We haven't had the chance to play with a Nina Ottosson toy yet, but we are tempted to go out and buy one after seeing some of the reviews on your blog.

    I can picture Stetson tearing right into the toys while Linus would be very gentle and slowly remove each little piece to get to the treats.

  2. If they were just a teeny bit cheaper, I would have caved in and bought one. I know I'll break down and get one soon, though.

  3. This is both good news and bad news LOL!

    The Dog Finder looks like a good one. We have the wood Twister and I really want to get the Dog Dominoe, among many others!

  4. And finally, finally, they are available in Australia!

  5. They sure are fun!!! Found out the other day they are sending us the Twister and Finder to test out, can't wait to try them and blog about them!

    And yeah! Finally available in Australia!!! Woo Hooo!


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