Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finding a vet and a temporary place to practice!

My kittie bro, Wiggy, got sick yesterday, was throwing up and had the Big 'D.' Oh, how I want to lick up that throw up, BOL!! But Mum says 'leave it!!! Yuck'!

Here's Wiggy! This is Mum's favorite pic of him, taken BD - before dogs :)

Anyway, Mum started looking quickly for a new vet for us down here in TN. You know how picky about vets she is..they have to do chiro, have the same philosophy about vaccines that we do, have a holistic approach, etc.

She spent the afternoon interviewing a few vets she found on the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association site. They have a a nice little search tool by state/country.

Later in the afternoon, we talked with who is going to be our new vet! She is currently practicing at UT in Knoxville, which is about 1.5 hours from our house. UT has an extensive veterinary facility, as well as a state of the art canine rehab facility. Very exciting. Our new vet focuses on integrative medicine, and Mum likes her a lot! She even said we could blog about her. Cools!

We were used to traveling about 45 minutes to our last vet. So Mum is OK with our new vet being a little further away, 'cause we are totally worth it. We also now have a back up emergency vet all lined up that's closer to home.

Luckily, Wiggy is feeling much better today and hasn't thrown up since mid yesterday. No Big 'D' either. He seems find now, although he could use a little anti aging face face creams, BOL, he isn't getting any younger (he's 10 now)! Guess he just got into something that didn't agree with him.

But it was great to find a new vet and get that task accomplished, since we are all due for our annual exams and will have to visit her soon. Oh, and I could really use a chiro adjustment!

In the process of looking for a vet, Mum found a place about 30 minutes from us that has drop in agility practice on Wednesday nights. They have rubber mat flooring (which isn't my fav, since I slip a lot on it) but it will definitely do for a tune up until we get our equipment and ring set up. Also another chiro visits this place every two weeks, so I could get a chiro tune up too!

Slowly, but surely we are getting settled in and finding everything we need. This past weekend, Mum started scoping out trial ops. Most trials are about 1.5 to two hours away from us. A trade off to live in doggie heaven hiking area, but very worth it. She's thinking if all goes right, we can sign up for a trial in about a month, so I can finish up my MACH and ADCH (I'm oh so close!). And then hopefully qualify for nationals next year, and then, and then :)

One more note....we've been using a Sprint broadband card for our Internet. But we are still holding out hope that Charter Communications can get us hooked up with both TV and Internet here in the next couple of days. We miss TV!!! This has all been a big headache for Mum. The broadband just isn't as fast as I am, and it's frustrating her. Yesterday some utility guys were out here marking lines for digging, so Charter won't cut into our electric or gas. Mum says that's a really good sign!!! Paws crossed!

Hope you all are having a good week!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy. I sure hope you get that MACH soon. I've heard there is no feeling like it!

  2. Wriggley says "Hi Johann- belated congrats on your move, your new place sure looks beautiful. Glad your kitty bro is feeling better. Good vets sure are worth a drive, eh? We travel about an hour to ours; I don’t mind so much because my mom and I will do something fun after, but she tells me my kitty sisters have to “sing” the whole way and back! Good luck with all of your settling in and with your agility. Say, where did you get those big, yummy looking…and big! …antler chews? I have small one that I like, but don’t chew on often ‘cause it’s hard for me to hold (I’m a Lab). Maybe my mom will get me a big one. Thanks, Wriggley."

  3. Thanks Sam!!! Me too :)

    Hi Wrigley! We get the deer antlers from here: They are more expensive, but you can see they are big!!! And long lasting :)

    Mum always takes us on a little adventure after the vet too Wrigley, fun stuff!


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