Monday, March 22, 2010

Our first official photo from Tennessee!

We're finally getting settled into a little routine here in TN. Since we don't have a fence yet, Mum walks us about five times a day for about two miles each time - sometimes just down the lane, sometimes to the mail box to get or leave mail, sometimes a little hike through the pasture that doesn't have any horses (and their poo :). Good thing about that is with the move, a little sinus infection and all this walking/hiking, Mum's lost about 8 lbs so far. No way she needs a fat loss supplement, BOL!!!

We're getting used to the route, and are feeling a little more comfortable about our wide open spaces near the cabin. Even Gracie doesn't get as buggy eyed as she did we we first started walking around the property.

Mum still doesn't want us off leash yet, especially Gracie the crazy pup. But she has been letting me wander a little dragging my leash when we get in the real familiar territory closer to the cabin. Gracie may want to run after every moving critter that makes the tiniest noise, but one nice thing I can say is she has a pawsome stay.

So Mum took a chance, put us in a sit stay and got this photo of us sitting on top of a ridge near the cabin. See all that pasture and woods behind us? That's our new hiking territory!


  1. It's so good to hear that you guys are doing well, Johann! Sorry about your mum's sinus infection, though. Hope she is better now! You are walking a lot every day - that's so awesome! We think about you a lot and hope that you really are settling in and starting to love your new home!

  2. I would be in one of the Carolina's by now or maybe Kentucky or maybe Arkansas -

    Great job woo two!

    We hope your mum feels better soon!



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