Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dogs dog Britain's Got Talent!

Last Saturday night the new season of Britain's Got Talent kicked off with some amazing, fun and oh, yes, weird acts. But the best part is that the dogs are taking over!

It's been reported that 10 dogs tried out for the reality series, including a dog that plays football and one that talks. But the reported best dog act is a former Crufts Heelwork to Music and Canine Freestyle winner!

Tina Humphrey and the amazing rescue dog, 10 year old, Chandi, got a standing ovation on the first episode and four 'yeses' to go on to the next round. Here's a clip of their 1st performance.

Wee can't wait to see what else Tina and Chandi have in store for us in further episodes! Maybe we'll see Tina dress up in one of those designer ties, and do a take on their famous dressage routine! Cool!

You may remember that in 2008 Kate and Gin made it all the way to the finals. Can't wait to see how the dog 'acts' fare this year!


Thanks for barking in!

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