Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lava Lake Lamb, oh my!

Oh, Gracie and I are such lucky pups!!!

Before our big move to Tennessee the nice folks at Lava Lake Lamb sent us some of their pawsome new pet treats!

The Lava Lake Ranch where the treats are made is located just southeast of Sun Valley. That's where they raise over 500 acres of certified organic hay for winter feeding of the lambs.

Being the green dog I am, I love that the folks at Lava Lake Lamb are ranchers and environmentalists, committed to restoring and preserving their land because of its history, its beauty and its biological diversity.

Not only can you get their pawsome treats, but they have organic, free range lamb that would be really healthy for your pup too! We saw they even sell half and full lambs, and can deliver them right to your door!

Raised with care by their experienced shepherds, their lambs are truly "free-range" and are never given antibiotics or hormones. They spend their days grazing right along with their mothers, in one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the country.

Since this is a very large organic working farm, they have lots of BCs, Great Pyrs & Akbash out moving and guarding their herds, and keeping the shepherds company on long nights. As a matter of fact their ranch dogs inspired them to create their new Lava Lake Pet Treats.

The treats are made from 100% grass-fed all-natural or certified organic lamb and all-natural potatoes and vegetables, with no hormones or antibiotics, and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives to flare up my IBS. We love the texture of the treats, little round slice like treats that stay together, but break apart in small pieces, great for agility and trick training.

They were very kind to send us two bags, one for me and one for Gracie. They kept very well in the fridge after opening. And Mum was super nice to save one of the bags for us to use at our agility practice drop in class last Wednesday, more on that later :)

Thanks again to Lava Lake Lamb for letting us test drive your new treats, we love them!!!

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