Saturday, May 01, 2010

Check out our tour of a local organic farm!

Over at Raise A Green Dog, we blogged today about Mum's recent tour of River Ridge Farms.

It's a local organic farm, where we'll be getting our organic raw meats, and hopefully some seasonal fruits and veggies!

Mum learned a lot about raising chickens, veggies, fruits and more while she was there, and that it's a big job to work a family farm!

Here's a sneak peak and a chance to meet some of the chickens and pigs.

Mum had a blast touring the farm, and picked us up some raw chicken necks and feet , until we can work with them to course grind. More on the raw chicken feet later :)

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. That was a fun video. Those little piglets looked kind of curious!
    I am looking forward to hearing about the chicken feet. Do you feed a raw diet or a combination? We are still on the fence about this. We can't afford to go raw right now but would like to.

    Emma Rose


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