Thursday, May 20, 2010

OMD! Looks what's at Clean Run - Gracie's Favorite Toys!

We got super excited the other day when we were checking out the what's new section on Clean Run!

They are going to carry chickens! These aren't just any chickens, these are toy chickens that squawk like you've never heard!

You may remember a few Christmases ago, Mum gave Gracie her first Henrietta, and she absolutely loved it. We sent this video on to the company that makes them and they put Gracie's video on their website, and sent Gracie another one as a gift. That time they sent her Henrietta the Original Wild Chicken. And Gracie loved that one just as much.

Not only does Clean run have the original Henrietta, but they also have Earl the Ultimate Chick Magnet, Beakham the Sporty Bird, Grandma Hippie Chick and Jeff E. Coli Surfin' Chicken Dude. (Ok, Gracie, settle down :) You can get them in two sizes small for $4.95 or the large (that's what Gracie has) for $8.95. And they have the new Balloon Toys too! You can see 'em all here.

They aren't super tough toys, so we suggest you supervise, but Mum loves using the Henrietta as a reward for Gracie after some nice agility practice on a jump sequence or her weaves around the outdoor d├ęcor.

Gracie goes crazy for it!

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