Friday, May 14, 2010

Snake in the grass!

The past few days, Mum, Gracie and I have been working on endurance hiking....walking the mowed areas around the large pastures at least twice a day about 2-3 miles each time, since Mum was getting a little sore from the ridge hiking, BOL!

We geared up with our harnesses, went out the front door to the porch area, and I knew something was up the minute I stepped out the door. Started the sheltie spinning thing and barking my fool head off.

Mum didn't know what to make of it, but once she led us down the steps from the porch, and out the sidewalk that borders one of our flower beds, I headed right for something I saw in the bed, and then she knew what was up!

Just then the little buggar, which Mum thinks was a Black Racer snake, coiled up to get a good view of us. He looked like he was about to strike, so Mum quickly backed us up a ways, while trying to get a closer look and a photo, but the little guy took off down his hole in a hurry, probably because of all our barking. Guess he was just as afraid of us, as we were interested in him. 

So we have found out over a day or so that these guys aren't venomous, but may strike when threatened. At least that's what the caretaker of our property says. And he's living happily in the flower bed, just where Mum is planning on putting the edge of our fenced in area in the front yard.

We saw the little guy again this morning, but he scurried away. Many on Facebook have shared that these guys are worthy of keeping around to keep down the rodent population, and the bad snakes. But since the caretaker has tons of experience with these guys and said that if cornered they would strike at us, he volunteered to relocate the guy, so that we wouldn't get into trouble sometime down the road after Mum gets the fence put in. Mum's all for that!

Hopefully our fence will be going in within a couple of weeks. Have to say I gained a lb., since not being able to get my zoomies on...even with all this hiking and endurance walking. But Mum's sure I'll work it off pretty quickly once the fence is up. Oh, and did I say FREEDOM!!! Bring it on!


  1. w00fs, heehee iffin mama seed a snake, i wouldnt getta go out in the yard again..

    b safe,

  2. I think having the snake relocated is a great idea!! Good thing your caretaker is willing to do it!

  3. Johann, I think it's good that you do some really loud, different-from-usual barking when you see a snake, so that your mum will know it's a snake that has startled you.

    My Penny barks up a storm when she sees a blue-tongue lizard, so I'm hoping she'll do the same if she sees a snake.

    It's one of the reasons I would never buy a snake toy for her - I want her to be scared of snakes so she won't approach them.


Thanks for barking in!

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