Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Natural beauty!

On our long walks the past couple of weeks we've seen some awesome natural beauty. No, I don't mean me surveying my new domain, BOL!!!

I mean real beauty! Flowers, flowers and more, that have cropped up in the past couple of weeks. So we wanted to share 'em all with you!

Out by the big pasture and between the two ponds that border the entrance to the big woods is a big field of daisy's (mixed in with some other white weeds). Makes for an awesome site, that the photo just doesn't do justice.

On our walks around the big pasture, there is one section where I do my Calvin Bo-Rail impression that has a wall of privets on the other side of the fence. Early on when they first started blooming the smell along this part of our walk was just amazing!

On our way to the mailbox is where we picked up the rose the other day, now they are blooming much more along the lane, so beautiful!

On our way back from the mailbox on the other side of the lane, we found some wild strawberries growing here and there. I wanted to eat 'em!

Then back in the large pasture is this one section that has weeds that at a certain time of day look like spun gold! (Photo just doesn't do it justice :)

These are other new flowers we've seen popping up lately in the pasture and up near the woods. Orange! Mum thinks it may be Butterflyweed.

Back closer to the woods we came across a different kind of moss the other day, very fuzzy. Mum just loves moss, takes photos of it all the time!

Then even deeper into the woods we found these the other day - Mum was wondering if they may be Johnny Jump Ups, flowers she used to find in the woods all the time when she was just a wee pup, related to pansies! Or it could be a Trillium - so much to learn!

Mum says there is beauty in everything, even a wild animal print. Wait! That's Gracie's paw print, my wild manic sis, without boots, BOL!

But then we saw a real wild print, a racoon we think :)

Hope you are seeing as much beauty as we are this spring!


  1. Thanks fur sharing those pawesome stuffs!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Very beautiful! That is butterfly weed - mom wishes she had some in her garden!

  3. Thanks! Sure wish we could dig some of this cool stuff up and send it on over to ya!


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