Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Nina Ottoson plastic interactive puzzle toys!

Not too long after we moved to the cabin, the nice folks at the Company of Animals sent us, for free, two of the new plastic Nina Ottosson toys to try out!

Well, you know how much we just love the Nina toys, so we were anxious to 'get busy'. Mum finally got us enjoying them on tape out on our porch this weekend, so wanted to share with you.

The first one in the video is me working the new Nina Ottosson Plastic Dog Casino. Since we already had tried out the wooden version, I knew pretty much how to work it.

The goal is to lift out the plastic bones to release the drawer that slides out that holds the treats. So I quickly got to work. The plastic bones are a little more difficult to lift out, than the pegs on the wooden version, presenting a little different challenge, but Mum thought I did pretty well.

The second toy you see is the Dog Finder, demonstrated by my manic sis, Gracie. She loved it, of course. The goal with this toy is to slide the bones in the channel so that you can lift them out and reveal the treats. She did really well with it, despite never seeing this toy before. Next time, Mum wants to tie some string in the holes on the top of the bones and give her an even different challenge in lifting the bones out. She's love that too, we think!

After our toy session, Mum took us for a nice long, long walk. Near the end the sky opened up and we got caught out in the pasture in a big down pour. We were all soaked, so Mum got us all cleaned up with the Grohe, then we settled in for a Memorial Day movie extravaganza! Loved it!

We both had a lot of fun playing with the new toys. Thank you so much to the Company of Animals for sending them and letting us get our puzzle on!

Hope you all had a pawsome holiday weekend!

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